Apex Legends leak reveals potential upcoming heirloom

Octane's Butterfly Knife Heirloom in Apex Legends.EA

An apparent Apex Legends leak has revealed the next heirloom that fans will be able to get their hands on – the Data Knife for Crypto. 

Aside from legendary character outfits and weapon skins, the most desirable items in Apex Legends are the heirloom weapons. These melee weapons, which are incredibly rare to get from an Apex Pack, play into a character’s backstory and give them a unique way to slay enemies.

In the past, characters like Wraith, Octane, and Bloodhound have had the Kunai, Butterfly Knife, and Raven’s Bite heirlooms, respectively, with fans begging for different ones for their favorite legends. However, it appears as if there is a new heirloom all set to go, but it might not be for the character that everybody wants it to be for.

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Heirloom sets are incredibly rare in Apex Legends.

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The supposed new item was pointed out by Reddit user KralRindo, as they posted a short clip of a new set of knife animations to the Apex Legends subreddit. 

With the new weapon having a military look to it, some fans suggested that it could be for Bangalore. However, KralRindo pointed out this weapon is called the ‘Data Knife’ and is likely for the Surveillance Expert, Crypto. 

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Some fans pointed out that the Data Knife is a holdover from Titanfall 2, and suggested that what had been uncovered was just an unused file – though others admitted that it could very well be a “reuse” like the L-STAR. 

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KralRindo claimed that the Data Knife is “100% for Crypto” and is “probably” the next Heirloom coming to the battle royale. It would make sense to give Crypto, a legend who is all about hacking and surveillance, the Data Knife as the name does play into his character. 

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What the developers have up their sleeve, however, still remains to be seen as the next season of Apex Legends isn’t set to kick off until the beginning of May – once the season four battle pass concludes. 

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Until Respawn offers up some hints and teases, we can only speculate on what new content is coming in the new seasonal update.