Apex Legends leak reveals potential Ash Ultimate ability

. 1 year ago
Ash in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall 2 simulacrum Ash has been involved in Apex Legends storyline on a few occasions, leading to speculation about potentially being a new playable Legend. Leaks have revealed what her abilities could potentially be.

So far, there are only rumors and speculation to go on for who we should expect to join the Apex roster in Season 9. But, Respawn have confirmed that they have “locked in” the Legends all the way up to Season 12.

This means the dev team is already hard at work developing abilities for these characters. As a result of insider leaks, which have been plaguing Apex Legends for some time now, leaked footage claims to show in-dev abilities for Ash.

Ash saying Branthium in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Players were tasked with putting Ash’s head on her body back in the Season 5 quest.

In March, similar leaked footage claimed to show the abilities for Blisk. This included an ‘auto-titan’ Ultimate, which certainly raised some eyebrows. Respawn has since said they have no plans to add Titans to Apex Legends, although an auto-titan might be treated slightly differently. Season 9 will have lots of Titanfall content though.

Regardless, another leak, which is similarly low in quality, but reliable enough to be legitimate, appears to show Ash’s ultimate as “Phase Breach.” This is described as the ability to ‘dash and leave a portal.’

You can see the ability in action via Biast12‘s YouTube channel. Biast is a reliable Apex data miner, with a generally accurate track record on leaks. This leak, however, appears to be another ‘insider’ leak – someone with access to a dev-build version of the game.

As always, it must be noted that no leaks are final or confirmed. Just because this is the current ability, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed dramatically, or scrapped entirely, before release.

The actual animations of this ability also reflect Wraith’s closely, but this could be due to reusing animations just while the ability is still in testing.

There are no leaks relating to Ash’s other abilities – at least not yet. It should also be noted that this leak doesn’t necessarily mean Ash will be the next Legend to be released. Quite to the contrary, Game Director Chad Grenier has hinted that the Season 9 Legend should be popular with Japanese players.

Apex Legends Season 9 is due to drop on May 4, and there will be teasers in-game before this to hint at the new character. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on everything Apex Legends as we gear up for the new Season.

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