Apex Legends leak reveals new “explosive” hop up & Laser Sights

Apex Legends hop upRespawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends leak has revealed Respawn is working on an “explosive” hop up and Laser Sights for multiple weapons.

With Apex Legends Season 12 set to arrive in early February, the community is beginning to speculate about what fresh content Respawn has planned for the major update.

While we know a new Legend is definitely on the cards, it’s hard to predict what else the devs have in store for players.

Despite this, ahead of these updates, dataminers are hard work attempting to find any clues in the game’s files, and luckily, one of them has struck gold.

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Finding a reference to an “explosive” hop up as well as Laser Sights, reliable leaker KralRindo has even revealed which weapons the new attachments are for.

Apex Legends sniper opticRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 12 is expected to release in early February.

New Apex hops ups & Laser Sights discovered in games files

After trawling through the game files, KralRindo discovered multiple lines of code referencing “Laser Sights” for the P2020, RE45, Wingman, Volt SMG, Prowler, and R99.

It’s hard to know what features this new optic will include just yet, but some of the community are speculating it could have some form of auto ping when scoping over enemies.

On top of the new optic, Kral also found two new hop-ups in the “Explosive Lobber” for the L-STAR and the “Kinetic Loader” for the Peacekeeper, Volt SMG, and Alternator.

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While the Kinetic Loader remains a mystery for time being, we can assume the new L-STAR hop up fires explosive rounds, potentially at a slower rate of fire.

Keep in mind, while all of these new features have been discovered in the files, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll arrive in Season 12.

It’s possible Respawn is adding them ahead of time, as the devs are constantly working on new content for the distant future.

Either way, these are some exciting additions and with Mad Maggie rumored to be arriving in the upcoming season, an explosive hop-up would match her theme.

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