Apex Legends leak reveals monstrous skins for Revenant & Bloodhound

Apex Legends leaked skinsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends leak has revealed a set of monster-themed skins for Bloodhound and Revenant, potentially even hinting at a new collection event in the near future.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has arrived and players are enjoying the huge additions that Respawn has implemented in the major update.

Whether it’s the recon-style gameplay of the Ambush Master Seer, or charging up the new Rampage LMG with Thermite Grenades, there’s plenty of content to get stuck into following the Emergence patch.

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However, as always, players are already looking to the future and wondering what cosmetics Respawn has planned for upcoming collection events.

Well, thanks to reliable dataminer Garretleaks, a set of monster-themed skins for Bloodhound & Revenant have been discovered. While the cosmetics clearly aren’t finished just yet, the designers have certainly nailed the scary theme.

Bloodhound Apex skins leakedRespawn Entertainment
These skins could be part of an upcoming collection event.

Monster-themed Bloodhound & Revenant skins leaked

Figuring out the theme of the next collection event in Apex Legends is a difficult task as the only clues are usually found in the game files. Luckily for us, there’s a set of dataminers that trawl through these files, looking for leaked cosmetics and hints at upcoming content.

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One of those is Garretleaks, who revealed he’d found a set of monster-themed skins on August 4 and posted the leaked cosmetics to Twitter.

In the post, Garret showcases an unfinished monster or wolf-themed Revenant skin, as well as a set of holosprays that display a fearsome Bloodhound skin.

According to Garret, he thinks that these skins suggest that a potential monster-themed collection event is on the way. However, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s all speculation for the time being.

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While the Revenant skin has no color and is still unfinished, the designers have certainly captured the fearsome and monstrous aesthetic. Let’s hope there are more leaks that reveal the other skins that could potentially be in the collection.

This could even be the first few Halloween skins that Respawn has designed ahead of the October holiday, but for now, it’s just a waiting game until we receive official information from the devs.

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