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Apex Legends leak reveals Monster Energy collab skins & cosmetics

Published: 21/Jul/2021 14:17

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends leak has revealed the cosmetics and skins available in the Monster Energy collab starting on August 1.

After the announcement that the official sponsor of the ALGS, Monster Energy confirmed a further collaborating with Apex Legends for a special promotion.

While it was unclear what the collab would entail, the drinks company promised on their website that “something big was about to drop.”

Well, it appears the curtain has finally been lifted as reliable Apex leaker Shrugtal has found all of the cosmetics & skins that are going to be available for players to earn.

With Wraith, Octane, and two energy weapons receiving their own skins, there’s a handful of items to collect. The bad news, is that they’re only of the ‘Rare’ type.


Octane Apex Monster collab
Respawn Entertainment
Monster Energy is the official sponsor of the ALGS.

Apex Legends Monster Energy collab skins leaked

Beginning on August 1, Apex Legends players will be able to purchase select cans of Monster Energy with promotional codes. Then starting in September, players can redeem the codes that come with them to earn specific cosmetics.

All codes will expire on December 31, 2021, so make sure you redeem any you find before the promotion ends. Thanks to Shrugtal, we know players can expect to potentially earn; two Legend skins, two weapon skins, three banner frames, and three holo sprays.

On top of these cosmetics, players will be able to collect ‘High Energy’ badges that will level up in tiers as they redeem more codes.


You can check out the details on each of the skins below:

  • Octane skin: Abstract Splash
  • Wraith skin: Energy Transfer
  • Havoc skin: Electric Momentum
  • Volt skin: Vapour Trail
  • Fuse Banner: Aces High
  • Wattson Banner: High Voltage
  • Octane Banner: The Formula
  • Holo-spray: Charged Up
  • Holo-spray: Energy
  • Holo-spray: Free your speed

High Energy badges in Apex Legends

These High Energy badges were spotted by some players after the 9.1 update. According to Shrugtal, these badges will unlock higher-tiers depending on the number of codes redeemed.

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apex legends high energy badge
Reddit: u/dmr0wl
High Energy badges in Apex Legends.

While there aren’t any legendary or epic skins to collect in this promotion, the collab should give players something extra to focus on alongside Emergence.

It’s unclear how many cans players will have to buy to unlock each of the cosmetics, but Respawn/Monster will likely release this information very soon, so stay tuned.

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