Apex Legends leak reveals major Lifeline buff coming with update 13.1

. 23 days ago
Lifeline in Apex Legends next to Season 13 logo
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Fresh Apex Legends leaks point to Lifeline receiving a major buff in the ongoing Season 13, which will apparently overhaul almost every aspect of her kit and could put her back on top. 

Since Apex Legends’ launch back in early 2019, Combat Medic Lifeline has been one of the game’s most popular characters thanks to her healing abilities and powerful kit.

However, as seasons have dropped, metas have changed and new Legends graced us with their presence, Lifeline has become less desirable and has now slipped to a fairly average pick-rate of just 4.3% in Season 13.

Lifeline Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline is one of Apex’s base characters and remains much loved by the player-base.

Lifeline buffs leaked for Apex Legends patch 13.1

Plenty of fans have called for a buff and, as patch 13.1 approaches in June, leaks now indicate that they’ll be getting exactly what they want.

Shared to Reddit by player ‘Osvaldatore‘, it corroborates earlier rumors that Lifeline was set for a buff by Respawn as she fell in popularity.

According to the mined information, the buff will target nearly every aspect of the Combat Medic’s kit, strengthening the Drone Of Compassion and reducing the time taken to earn her Care Package Ultimate. It will reportedly take shape as follows:

  • Increased D.O.C. Heal Drone health pool from 150 to 9999 
  • Doubled D.O.C. Heal Drone zone reach radius
  • Downed teammates can now opt out Combat Revive’s auto-revive
  • Reduced Care Package’s cool-down from 5 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds

As is the case with leaks, this information is not confirmed until Respawn make it official. Much can change in the development process so there are no guarantees Lifeline’s changes will make it into the final game as they’ve been leaked.

There’s also doubt about when patch 13.1 will drop, with leakers agreeing it is set for June but some suggesting the 14th, while others favor the 21st.

Either way, when it does, we hope to see Lifeline buffed and returned to her original glories.

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