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Apex Legends leak reveals all Tropics map POIs, vehicle spawns & more

Published: 18/Oct/2021 11:18

by Connor Bennett


A supposed first look at the new Apex Legends map as a whole, Tropic, has surfaced online showing the different POIs, vehicle spawns, and everything else you’d find on the game’s minimap. 

When Apex Legends first launched, Kings Canyon was the only map you could play, and it didn’t take long for fans to start wanting another map from Respawn Entertainment.

The devs duly obliged, releasing World’s Edge a few seasons later, before also adding Olympus to the party too. The three map rotation has proven popular with players, especially as you have to change up your play style for each one.


With Season 11 getting closer and closer, there have been rumors of another new map known as Tropics – also named as Tropic Island by some leakers – which has already started to be teased by the devs. Now, a new leak has a better look at what is set to come.

Screenshot via Thordan Smash
The alleged Tropic Island leaks show a Prowler mound as one map landmark.

Apex Legends Tropic Island map first look

Previous leaks for the new Tropics maps have been centered around the teaser images that Respawn are dropping in the build-up to Season 11, but the new leak shows how the map is supposed to look in-game.

The image surfaced online on October 17 from a few different leakers, with the wider look at the map showing 17 POIs, spawn points for the Tropics version of the Trident vehicle, as well as survey beacon icons.


Similar to how the Olympus map was leaked ahead of time, the image uses some different colors to the in-game color scheme, which may also have some fans slightly skeptical that it is fake. Though, it does line up with previous leaks from YouTuber Thordan Smash which have since been proven correct.

Thoughts? from ApexUncovered

With the image looking a little zoomed in, it may be hard to tell just exactly how big the map will be when it launches, but it does give a better look at the spots that are going to be chokepoints for fights.

As we get closer to the new season, Respawn will reveal the map in all its glory once they’re ready, and then we’ll know if this leak was spot on way ahead of time.