Apex Legends leak hints that Season 10 legend will be African

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends trio of characters all with weapons

A new Apex Legends leak has hinted at the Season 10 legend having an African background, given there is already a reference to an Afrofuturism skin in the battle royale’s files.

With Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy only having a few weeks left to play, fans of Respawn’s battle royale have started looking to the future and seeing what it might have in store for them.

As usual, there will be a new legend, new weapons, cosmetics, and probably a few map changes to boot, just like there have been in the prior seasons.

The new legend is always the big thing, and while Respawn ends up giving out some clues in the build-up to the new season, we usually get a better idea way before those teasers drop.

Apex Legends map idea
Respawn Entertainment
Apex has a hugely diverse casty of legends.

Recent leaks have suggested that the Season 10 legend will be known as Seer – or at least that is their codename anyway. Voice lines for how the other legends react to them have already surfaced, talking about a mysterious male figure who “hides in the shadows.”

Now, new leaks have suggested that the character will be of African descent, given that there are the workings of a skin for them already in the files.

As data miner Garret points out, the game’s code uses the phrase ‘Afrofuturism’ to describe the skin. The phrase is used to describe a cultural aesthetic that mixes African history with modern-day technology, with the most popular references coming from Marvel’s Black Panther franchise.

Some fans may suggest that this leads the way for Blisk to be used as a legend, given he is South African. However, that doesn’t seem to be case, given the use of the name Seer. Surely Respawn would just use Blisk in the files.

Fans have been calling for a Black male character in Apex Legends for a long-time – so this may be the answer they’re looking for.

Regardless, we won’t have to wait long until we know about whoever the new legend may be. Season 10 is slated to start in early August, so teasers will begin at some point in July.