Apex Legends Olympus map may get a spooky makeover for Halloween

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Newly leaked concept art for Apex Legends teases what’s supposedly a Halloween-themed makeover for the Olympus map.

For many longtime players, Olympus sits high on the list of favorites in Apex Legends’ map rotation. Respawn first deployed the locale during Season 7, allowing players to do battle in a former utopia that floats among the clouds.

Olympus isn’t playable as of writing, with Respawn vaulting the location at the start of Season 14. Still, players expect it to return with the advent of Season 15 later this year.

And now there’s evidence to suggest that such expectations may soon become a reality.

Leak teases Apex Legends’ Halloween-style Olympus map

Courtesy of Apex Legends content creator KralRindo, concept art of a reworked Olympus map is making the rounds online.

The art in question supposedly depicts a “new Halloween map” that showcases “Olympus After Dark.” In the image, Olympus’ overgrown terrain is tinged in warm colors that certainly appeal to an autumn/Halloween theme.

It’s a little early in the season for EA and Respawn Entertainment to detail Halloween event plans for Apex Legends. In 2020 and 2021, for instance, such news didn’t surface until mid-October or later.

If the past is prologue, reason dictates the pattern will repeat itself this year. A few more weeks may pass before Respawn confirms whether or not the above art actually constitutes a look at Apex Legends’ new Halloween map.

Season 14 went live on August 9, debuting a new sharpshooting playable hero, Vantage. Apex Legends Season 15 will arrive on November 1; according to uncorroborated leaks, the upcoming season will bear the title of ‘Eclipse.’