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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: New leaked ‘Evolving’ shield will be better than gold armor

Published: 4/Sep/2019 20:13 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 1:20

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends leak is signaling the possible inclusion of a new kind of armor that would give players a much better alternative than the Gold Body Shield.

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Respawn Entertainment have been navigating extremely rough waters with their community due to issues arising with microtransactions, coveted loot locked behind paywalls, bugs found throughout the game, and more.

But the devs are slowly gaining back favor among their fans since the introduction of the Voidwalker event has been giving a ton of players to jump back into the Apex Games. And it looks like Respawn is keeping the hype train going by adding more fan-requested items. 


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Respawn EntertainmentWhile the Gold Body Shield is elusive, it doesn’t give that many added benefits over Purple armor.

YouTuber ‘The Gaming Merchant’ highlighted files in the game with the tag “Evolving Body Shield” which could be the answer to players unsatisfied with what the high tier Gold Body Shield delivers.

“For the Evolving Armor,” The Gaming Merchant explained what he found in the game’s files. “It starts at 150 (damage absorbed). It starts at Level 1 but it gains strength with more kills.”

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He goes on to say that as a player gains kills the armor would evolve into its next level, giving more defensive benefits each time. This would eventually ramp up all the way to level 4 which would give players a staggering 125 extra health.


Needless to say, this would be an incredibly popular item for high-kill players who look for early eliminations by dropping into highly populated areas of King’s Canyon.

(Timestamp at 1:52 for mobile viewers)

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The details of this leaked Evolving Body Shield are still murky, and in general, should be taken with a grain of salt. But the prospect of giving Legends over 200 points of damage would make some players near-unstoppable.

For a long time, the Apex Legends community have been asking for a revamped take to the game’s highest tier armor since it feels pretty underwhelming, especially in late-game situations.


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While the leak isn’t a direct fix to the Legendary Body Shield, it would definitely be a worthwhile alternative to pick up if a player trusts their fragging abilities.

An item like the Evolving Body Shields would definitely give players an incentive to look for more fights and only make Apex Legends more exciting to play.