Apex Legends leak could show aim assist changes coming for console

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A new Apex Legends leak has hinted that Respawn could be implementing aim assist changes for console in the near future.

Aim assist in Apex Legends has been a polarizing topic in the community since the release of the game, with some players calling it out as overpowered, and others claiming it needs adjustments to be more effective.

In response to the ongoing debate, Live Balance Designer John Larson created a TwitLonger back in January, revealing that the team was “evaluating” changes and had heard the community “loud and clear”.

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Since then, the devs have remained completely silent on the issue, with players waiting patiently for an update on aim assist.

Well, a recent leak uncovered from the game files seems to indicate that Respawn is in the process of adjusting the system, so changes could be coming in the near future.

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Aim assist has been a controversial topic in the Apex community for a long time.

Apex Legends leak hints aim assist changes are coming

Apex Legends YouTuber Thordan Smash has revealed a leak from the game files that indicates Respawn has altered aim assist in custom lobbies.

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Specifically, they appear to have changed the verbiage on console, and the PC override values: “All platforms will use PC aim assist values when enabled”.

While this only impacts custom matches, a lot of the community are convinced that Respawn is testing the changes in private lobbies before adding them to the main modes.

The code doesn’t give us a detailed breakdown of the specific changes, so it’s hard to know how much of an impact this will have on console gameplay.

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Either way, a lot of console players are not pleased to hear Respawn is making adjustments to aim assist and are worried it’s going to make gunplay significantly more difficult.

“Why? why! leave the aim assist alone, it’s like they really want to have us have the same aim assist as Back 4 Blood and that alone has a horrible aim assist for console players.”

As it’s been six months since their official announcement on the matter, it does seem plausible that aim assist changes could be arriving soon.

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Let’s just hope we get a dev response in the near future so we can find out exactly what the plan is for aim assist heading into Season 14.

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