Apex Legends leak claims fan-favorite weapons heading to Replicator in Season 14

. 24 days ago
Ash running with CAR SMG in Apex Legends

Fresh Apex Legends leaks have claimed that there will be a massive change to the meta in Season 14, as both the Wingman and C.A.R. SMG will apparently be pushed into replicators. 

Over the last few Apex Legends seasons, Respawn Entertainment have made some pretty big changes to the loot pool as they continue to balance existing items while also adding new ones.

One of the biggest changes they’ve made came back in Season 12, when the devs revealed that they’d be removing two weapons from floor loot and make them only available through the Replicators.

This, at first, was seen as a pretty controversial change by some players, but complaints have died down in the time since it was first introduced. Now, as we approach Season 14, Respawn are apparently using the Replicators to make one of the biggest shake-ups to the meta we’ve seen in a long-time.

apex legends replicator
Respawn Entertainment
Weapons are now a part of the crafting in Replicators.

That’s according to claims made by leaker Ezra_RC, who claimed that Respawn will be taking both the C.A.R. SMG and the Wingman, and putting them inside the Replicator with the new seasonal update.

There’s no word on whether either weapon will be drastically nerfed with the change, but weapons that find themselves as a part of the crafting rotation typically get taken down a peg or two.

On top of that, the screenshot shared by the leaker also points to the Digital Threat optic – which can be attached to both weapons – joining them in the Replicator.

Of course, while the leaker has proven to have solid information previously, this change has yet to be confirmed by Respawn and it could just be something they’re testing but not planning.

We’ll just have to wait until Season 14 drops to see if the leaker is proven to be right again, and if the battle royale meta is truly going to be shaken up in a massive way.

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