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Apex Legends launches report system to combat hackers, crashes and abusive players

Published: 19/Mar/2019 18:18 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 18:34

by Alan Bernal


The long-awaited patch update for Apex Legends brought a way for players to be a part of the solution to help combat troublesome hackers found throughout the game.

Respawn Entertainment released the Season 1: Wild Frontier Patch on March 19 bringing a host of fixes and new features that will improve the game’s stability.

A few of those new features will finally give players a way to report heinous servers, crashes or suspect players for Respawn to take an extra look at to rectify the problem.

Respawn EntertainmentWith the new report system, hopefully that’ll put a stop from hackers roaming freely around the Apex servers.

Though the game exploded in popularity upon release, Apex Legends has been plagued with recurrent crashes and an army of hackers in various matches.

Now Respawn has integrated a better way to report crashes on PC by adding a “apex_crash.txt” in the “Documents” folder that can be shared with the company. The information sent can be used as a direct link to the devs to see what problems can be solved.

But PC players will be more happy to have the new Report a Player feature that will definitely be used a lot for suspect players and hackers.

The feature can be used as a Spectator upon dying or when looking at teammates’ Banner Cards in the squad’s tab. To date, Respawn has banned around 500,000 accounts and the new feature should immensely help cleaning up the rest of the game’s cheaters.

RealApexLeaks TwitterThe new feature could provide Respawn with loads of information about specific crashes.

Console players will also be getting a Report a Player feature but will be tailored more for abusive players that crop in during playthroughs.

It seems like Respawn Entertainment is taking a more constructive approach with its players to iron out future problems that may come with the game.

Full information about the new report systems can be found below:

  • Introducing better reporting when Apex crashes on PC without error message.
    • We really want to fix any crashes people happen to get on PC. We also respect our player’s privacy. So, if the PC game crashes, it will write “apex_crash.txt” to your “Documents” folder. This tiny file is plain text, so you can easily see for yourself that it has no personal information. If you choose to share this file with us, it will tell us whether the crash was in Apex or in third party software. If the crash was in Apex, our programmers can use the information to find and fix it. If you experience a crash, please include this file when you report.
      • We protect your personal information.
      • You can easily see everything in the file yourself; we have no secrets.
      • You’re in control of whether we ever see the file.
  • Added Report a Player feature for cheating and abuse on PC.
    • Players can now report cheaters they encounter in-game and it’ll be sent directly to Easy Anti-Cheat. You can do this from either the spectate view after dying or when looking at your team’s Banner Cards in the Squad tab.
    • We have lots of other work going on behind the scenes and this remains high priority for us. We won’t be able to share many specifics of what we’re doing but we’ll strive to provide updates on progress for the things we can talk about.
    • As I’m finishing the notes this morning, 499,937 accounts and counting have been banned for cheating.
    • Speed hacking: We do currently have anti-speed hacking in Apex Legends, but it’s not being as effective as intended due to a bug that we believe we’ve identified and will be addressing in our next server update. Will provide ETA for it when I have it. Working to get it out ASAP.
Apex Legends

Apex Legends fixes annoying Rampart & Treasure Pack bugs in Dec 1 patch

Published: 1/Dec/2020 20:51 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 20:54

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends devs have rolled out fixes for frustrating Season 7 bugs that makes players face an infinite loading screen and a separate glitch causing Rampart’s turret not to stick to the Trident.

Treasure packs returned to Apex for Season 7, as a way to keep the battle pass interesting and give players something to come back and search for every single day, if you don’t get trapped, that is.

The packs have become a significant part of Apex matches since players don’t want to miss one and fall behind on completing the set and miss out on some cosmetics.

For some though, the packs have caused major issues during Season 7 though, as a bug would randomly lock them in a loading screen.

An Apex Legends treasure pack
Treasure Packs were introduced in Apex Legends season 6, and now they’ve caused quite the headache.

That wasn’t all throwing players off. Rampart mains also found that, while it was advertised in the Season 7 trailer, the legend’s turret wouldn’t always stick to the new Trident vehicles.

Both of these bugs have definitely been getting under players’ skin, but the good news is Respawn have rolled out a fix for both issues that will hopefully put an end to the incoveniences.

“As an FYI, we’ve deployed a small patch to re-enable the ability to place Rampart’s turret on the Trident as well as provide a fix for players who are getting stuck on certain menu pages,” Apex wrote on Twitter on Dec. 1.

This means that once you log in following the update, treasure packs should no longer get you caught in a loop, and Rampart can once again fire Sheila atop the Trident.

Previous reports claimed that another update had been rolled out to try and fix the treasure pack glitch already, but if you’ve been on Apex’s Reddit recently you’ll see still numerous posts of people still encountering it, and a similar issue with getting stuck on the main loading screen as well.

Despite a few bumps like this along the way, Season 7 has generally been well-received by the Apex community, so hopefully, this patch takes care of these issues for good and let us get back to playing.