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Apex Legends players discover how to land Thermite grenades through a door

Published: 20/Jul/2021 0:03

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have found a way to get Thermite grenades, among others, to hit their mark through a closed door – and it could be a helpful way of cornering an opponent.

Apex players typically make use of everything they can get a hold of across the Arena, and that goes double for explosives like grenades, Arc Stars and Thermites.

Thermites generally have their specific uses and can excel at momentarily blocking off opponents or forcing them out of a spot they’re trying to hold.

But a trick in Apex Legends can help you toss one of these throwables behind closed doors, opening up a huge avenue for potentially outplaying opponents.


How to damage with a thermite granade behind the door from apexuniversity

Chasing someone through Apex is tedious, especially when they just body-block the doors – but user ‘goinmool’ highlighted a trick that players can use to pull a fast one on unsuspecting prey.

Basically, what you’re doing is trying to clip the nade, in this case a Thermite, to where it bounces off the door frame and through its threshold.

When you’re about to throw a grenade, there’s a tracer line with a circle at the end of it. By the looks of it, you can angle the grenade so that it actually clips through the door and lands on the other side.


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Apex Legends players have another use for Thermite grenades.

If all you have is a Thermite, this is a great way to get a body-blocking player out of the way. The fire wall of a Thermite can also make it so you make the body-blocking player’s tactics work against them by forcing them out of position while you push another entry into the building.

That will give you a window to trap the player inside of the room for a brief moment, and it could be a way of cleaning up easy kills.

In either case, it’s not clear if this is an intended mechanic but it could prove useful for Apex Legends players who are trying to breach teams holding up in a building.