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Apex Legends Knockdown Shield bug spells doom for Revenant's Death Totem

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


Apex Legends players are reporting what could be an unintended interaction between Revenant’s Ultimate Ability, Death Totem, and the Legendary Knockdown Shields that carry a life-saving ability.

Respawn Entertainment’s Season 4 character has been garnering massive intrigue for his aggressive kit that includes an ult which lets players experiment with their playstyle without getting punished too hard.

The Death Totem “protects those who use it from death for a set amount of time,” so “instead of being killed or downed, users will return to the totem.”

Respawn Entertainment
The Death Totem's resurrection looks to conflict with the gold Knockdown Shield in some instances.


But it seems like a bugged interaction with the gold Knockdown Shield makes that last stipulation a hit or miss, as some players are reporting that the item’s special perk can negate the Death Totem’s effect.

“Don’t take Gold knockdown shield while playing Revenant,” Reddit user ‘AceAxos’ said. “It cancels your ult for you.”

The Apex community member explained that they had the gold shield equipped while having Revenant’s Ult active on them. After getting downed, they noticed that the game must have prioritized the shield’s Resurrection ability.

Respawn Entertainment
The game wants to give players a chance to use Knockdown Shield's valuable ability, but it could come at the expense of the Death Totem's effect.


That’s a bit problematic since Revenat’s Death Totem is supposed to protect players from getting downed, regardless of what tier Knockdown Shield they have equipped.

Early adopters of the new Legend have been using the ability to test the mettle of an opposing squad before committing to an engagement; with the bug between the Legendary equipment and the Synthetic Nightmare’s ult, that option is taken away.

Instead of being revived near the totem, players are instead being left stranded behind enemy lines if they have the special shields equipped.


Another user by the name of ‘IsidearmI’ saw something similar happen to them: “I can confirm this. Had a gold Knockdown Shield, used [Revenant's] ult then died and was immediately downed with the option to self res.”

Others believe the problem could be caused by a user malfunction, like forgetting to actually activate the Ult on themselves after it was placed down or getting out of its range.

With more people jumping into the Apex Games as Revenant, there are sure to be more experimentation to see if this interaction is normal as intended or not. And if the latter, then Respawn should be quick to patch the bug that negates the effect of the Death Totem ultimate ability