Apex Legends just hit a new player count record on Steam with Season 9 launch

Valkyrie in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Two days after the launch of Apex Legends Season 9, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has smashed past a new milestone for concurrent players on Steam, reaching over 320,000.

Steam is the only platform Apex Legends is on with a public API that allows us to see the concurrent player count. Since it released on Steam in late 2020, it’s been a journey to see it continue to hit higher and higher peaks.

With the launch of Legacy, the ninth season, the player count was poised to hit a new high — but some very nasty server bugs prevented the number from getting too high on launch day, May 4.

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Valkyrie close up apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie dropped with Season 9 of Apex Legends.

Thankfully, with the server bugs fixed (mostly), Apex has been allowed to really flex its muscles on Steam.

Apex Legends peak player count on Steam

On May 6, Apex Legends hit a new peak player count of 330,879 according to data from SteamDB.

Apex Legends player count high on steam

Obviously, this figure does not include players on all the other platforms (Origin, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch), so it’s impossible to know what the overall player count was at this peak time.

Respawn confirmed that the game had reached a total of 100 million players earlier in 2021.

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Season 9 launched with the new Arenas mode, a 3v3 playlist that allows players to buy their loadout from a shop each round, akin to Valorant or CSGO. There’s also the new Legend Valkyrie, inspired by her Titanfall past.

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