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Apex Legends July 5 Update: Disruptor rounds, leaving penalty and challenges – patch notes

Published: 6/Jul/2019 11:27 Updated: 6/Jul/2019 12:32

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends Season 2 which addresses some of the recent concerns from players, following the big update for the launch of the new season.

Following the launch of Season 2, which introduced a lot of buffs and nerfs to various weapons, as well as adding in some new attachments, there were bound to be some balancing issues.


The primary concern was the ‘Disruptor rounds’, which when used on the Alternator SMG proved slightly overpowered, by destroying enemy players’ shields in an instant.

Hop-up attachments such as disruptor rounds can provide a player with a strong advantage in-game.

Disruptor rounds

The July 5 update addressed many issues that the fan base had with the latest changes, including the strength of the Disruptor Rounds Hop-up.


Respawn tweaked it, reducing the shield damage multiplier from 2.26 to 1.7 for now, while they work on a more permanent weapon balance fix which is expected to be seen next week.

It was a much needed change, after even top streamers like shroud hit out at the attachment, which made the Alternator far too powerful against shielded enemies.

RespawnAll of the location-based challenges have been removed from Apex Legends.


Respawn have also announced that location based daily challenges in Apex Legends have been removed from the game, after complaints that the challenges had a negative impact on gameplay.


Because players needed to land at certain locations to complete challenges, solo players would often split off from their teammates at the start of matches to go to whatever area they needed, ruining the teamwork of the mode.

Players will still get three daily challenges going forward though, but they just won’t include any location-based ones, for now.

Leaving Pentalty

Respawn also confirmed that the leaving penalty in the ranked play mode has been temporarily disabled after they uncovered some bugs with the playlist.


However, players may still receive penalties if they abandon games, with Respawn stating, “we will reserve the right to doll out penalties to players that abandon Ranked matches while we address it.”

In the update they also addressed players who may have been experiencing issues with the latest set of Twitch Prime Loot rewards which features the Sweet Dreams Wattson skin and the Stellar Stallion L-Star weapon skin.


Respawn have stated that after redeeming the Twitch Prime rewards it may require players to reboot Apex legends to see the skins in their inventory.

They also claimed that they will be announcing more improvements in future with all of the player feedback and new data they can gather from the ranked playlist and other features added in Season 2.

Apex Legends update July 5 – patch notes

Change to Disruptor Rounds Hopup

  • Reduced the shield damage multiplier from 2.26 to 1.7. It’s a minor tweak while we evaluate the full weapon meta next week.

Change to Location-Based Daily Challenges

  • For now we have removed location based Daily Challenges as we’ve seen them have a negative impact on the game. Players will still get 3 Daily Challenges.

Leaving Penalty in Ranked:

  • We have temporarily disabled the leaving penalty in ranked as we discovered some bugs we want to squash. That said, we will reserve the right to doll out penalties to players that abandon Ranked matches while we address it.

Twitch Prime Loot: Some tips for those encountering issues.

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How to use Apex Legends Gravity Lifts: Locations, keycard, challenges

Published: 14/Oct/2020 11:08

by Matt Porter


With Horizon officially confirmed as the next character coming to Apex Legends, players can use the new Gravity Lifts to boost themselves into the air and rotate around the map. Here’s everything you need to know about the machines, including every location and how to activate them.

Respawn Entertainment added a monitor to the Firing Range on October 13, which started to play videos featuring Dr. Mary Somers, who will become the Apex Games’ ninth Legend under her alter-ego Horizon, likely when Season 7 launches.


Before she starts competing though, Horizon has some special experiments she needs you to complete. By finishing these challenges, you can use the new Gravity Lifts that have been installed in both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, which shoot you up into the sky and give you a new rotation option when in the heat of the battle.

You will need Horizon’s activation keycard to access these machines though, so make sure you complete the challenges provided by Apex Legends‘ newest character before you head to their locations.


How to activate Horizon’s Gravity Lifts

Before you actually use the Gravity Lifts, you’ll need to grab the keycard to make them work.

First, you’ll need to head to the Firing Range and interact with the monitor, which will then play a special message from Horizon. Leave Firing Range, and you’ll receive a notification that three new challenges have been unlocked, which you need to complete as the next step in the process.

Thankfully, these challenges aren’t too difficult so you should be able to tick them off in a couple of games, as you just need to deal with damage in mid-air, get knockdowns, and outlive opponents. The three challenges are:

  • Deal 10 damage while mid-air
  • Get 10 knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Once you’ve finished these, head back to Firing Range, and you should now be able to open the Supply Bin that sits beside the monitor. Inside, you’ll find the keycard you need to boot up the Gravity Lifts.

Horizon's monitor in Apex Legends' Firing Range.
Respawn Entertainment
The Supply Bin sits to the right of the monitor.

Apex Legends Gravity Lift locations

Now that you have your keycard, it’s time to use it to activate the Gravity Lifts. There are two of these machines on each map, so no matter if you’re playing on World’s Edge or Kings Canyon, you’ll be able to make use of the devices.

Both of the Gravity Lifts can be found in the north of World’s Edge, with one sitting in Skyhook, and the other found inside Refinery. When you reach them, you simply interact with the machine and a blue beam of light will shoot out of the pad on the floor, that will rocket you into the sky.

Map showing Gravity Lift locations on World's Edge.
Respawn Entertainment
Both of the lifts can be found in the north of World’s Edge.

The Gravity Lifts are on opposite sides of Kings Canyon, with one located at Airbase on the west, with another sitting in the east, just outside Repulsor.

Map showing Gravity Lift locations on Kings Canyon.
Respawn Entertainment
The Gravity Lifts are on opposite sides of the map.

The Gravity Lifts are an extremely handy rotation tool, allowing you to exit an area if the circle is closing, or giving you an escape route if you’re under attack.


They won’t remain active for long after use, so other teams likely won’t be able to follow in your beam. The machines also have a cooldown which should give you time to get away.