Apex Legends Jan 19 playlist update removes Olympus from rotation

apex legends sabotaged olympus headerRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has removed Olympus from the current Apex Legends map rotation after players receive constant error messages.

Apex Legends fans have experienced a frustrating few days following widespread connection issues that have completely barred some fans from playing at all.

On top of those connection issues, many players have reported constant crashing followed by an error message that reads: “Engine Error – UI images ran out of room.”

Now, it seems Olympus may have been the cause of this issue as Respawn has rolled out a new update that removed Olympus from the map rotation to hopefully alleviate the ongoing problem.

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Respawn removes Olympus from Apex Legends map rotation

On January 19, 2023, Respawn’s official Twitter account announced they had rolled out an update that removed Olympus from the current map rotation and replaced it with World’s Edge. According to Respawn, “This will allow us to continue to work on the issue without impacting gameplay.”

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear when exactly Olympus will make its way back into the map rotation so fans will just have to keep an eye out for any further word from Respawn.

This is undoubtedly a letdown for Olympus fans as the map had finally made its way into the Ranked rotation for Season 15’s second split.

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While those who enjoy playing pubs have been able to enjoy Olympus throughout Season 15, those eager to try out the map in Ranked once again are going to have to wait for a bit while World’s Edge takes its place.

For now, it seems all players can do is wait for any further updates surrounding the changes to Season 15’s map rotation. Hopefully with a bit more time, Respawn is able to figure out the root of the problem and get the map back into the rotation as quickly as possible.