Apex Legends turns into Dark Souls to show how strong the Rampage really is

Bill Cooney
Respawn/From Software

In order to show just how powerful the Rampage LMG really is in Apex Legends, one player turned a showdown with a Gibraltar wielding the weapon into a Dark Souls style boss fight.

Apex is always in a state of flux, with weapons being constantly being buffed and nerfed as time goes on.

Often, it’s only after players complain about a certain weapons for months before devs do anything. Which weapons are considered “balanced” usually differs from person to person.

However, a lot of users seem to agree the Rampage LMG is a bit OP at this point in time, based on the response to a video that turns facing the weapon into a Dark Souls boss fight.

Rampage LMG turns Apex into Dark Souls

On April 10 a video showing how it feels to fight the Rampage quickly racked up over 1000 upvotes on the Apex subreddit.

In it, King’s Canyon is turned into the world of Dark Souls, complete with loading screen and boss music as Revenant tries to take down a Rampage-wielding Gibby.

Like most Soulsborne boss fights on the first try, Gibraltar absolutely melts Revenant, who might have better luck if he were also using a gun, instead of his Heirloom.

Revenant Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Poor Revenant never stood a chance.

From exploits, to just outright being more powerful than a lot of other weapons, it isn’t the first time players have complained about how OP the Rampage is in Apex.

Respawn devs already deployed a rework for the Rampage in Season 12 earlier in 2022, so whether or not it will get another so soon remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though, plenty of players think it’s still one of the most powerful in the game.