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Apex Legends interaction with Wraith Portals and Wattson nodes is deadly

Published: 21/Feb/2020 2:38

by Alan Bernal


An gameplay interaction in Apex Legends between Wattson’s Perimeter Security nodes and Wraith’s Dimensional Rift can lead to unexpected results.

A player tried to set up a clever trap to use a Wraith’s ultimate against her team was in for a shocking surprise after they noticed that the portal didn’t deliver their opponents to the expected location.

We’ve seen multiple cases of crafty Apex players set up intricate builds with Wattson’s fences just so that a Wraith portal can drop them right into it – but there’s a crucial component to make those plays work.


Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s portals account for objects near their entrance.

A previous bug fix in Apex started dropping people out of it a couple feet away from its exit to avoid the consequences of accidental clipping.

“It put you away from the object you set on the portal so you wouldn’t clip into it and get stuck/die,” Reddit user ‘StruckPhoenix’ responded to user ‘BipolarPsykho’ who at first thought it was a glitch. “This is the way [Respawn] fixed portals killing people. Not a bug, completely intended.”

In the clip, BipolarPsykho found an entrance to an enemy Wraith portal. Like a good Wattson player, they immediately set up their Perimeter Security to try and bait the foes into a losing fight on the other end.


I guess portals get to put you where ever now? ? from apexlegends

But the player made a slight error in calculation when they set up the node at the doorstep of the portal.

Well, this must have made the game react by dropping the incoming players a bit behind the gateway to avoid landing on the node.

Except, the Wattson also placed a node a little bit behind the portal as well, telling the game to drop off the players even further back – clearing the Perimeter Security’s electrified fence.

BipolarPsykho via Reddit
The logistics in Apex Legends’s backend put the Wraith behind the portal’s entrance.

It’s understandable why someone would initially think that’s a bug, especially if it caused what they thought should have happened to go awry.


The strange Apex Legends interaction between the fences and the portal proved to be deadly and is a vital piece of game knowledge for players to take in case they come across it too.