Apex Legends stream team iiTzTimmy & NiceWigg qualify for $125k ALGS Pro League

Alan Bernal
ALGS / iiTzTimmy Twitter / 100 Thieves

Popular Apex Legends streamers iiTzTimmy and NiceWigg’s team qualified for the first $125k Pro League split as the stream team took its first steps toward the $2 million ALGS Championship.

Respawn Entertainment and EA are going big for the second year of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), which will award a total of $5 million across its different stages. While it might be a daunting road for teams that aren’t directly invited, any Apex Legends squad can enter the open qualifiers to make a splash.

With a monster performance in the NA Preseason Qualifier, iiTzTimmy and 100 Thieves’ NiceWigg, along with Complexity teammate Apryze, were among the 20 teams to advance to the Pro League Split 1.

iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg Apex stream team in ALGS PL

There was plenty of talent in the ALGS preseason who stood in the way of ‘SHEEEEEEESH,’ the stream team that has iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg, and Apryze.

With 4,050 preseason qualifier points to their name, the stream team squeaked into Split 1, where they’ll face competition like Complexity Gaming, Cloud9, 100 Theives, TSM, Team Liquid, and more.

It was no easy task for the team to make it though. The preseason qualifiers were stacked with hopeful amateur teams looking to rock the Apex esports scene.

SHEEEEEEESH were a consistently top 10 team in the qualifiers they participated in and looked like a deadly threat heading into the Pro League.

“Qualified for PRO league, lot to think about the next coming days,” NiceWigg said. “Can’t wait for it I’m so excited.”

The field is now set for the first leg of the ALGS PL where SHEEEEEEESH will compete for one of the 10 direct qualification spots to the LAN Playoffs in January 2022.

NiceWigg previously competed for CLG in Apex Legends and iiTzTimmy played for Golden Guardians in the last ALGS season, while Apryze has been proving himself so far on the competitive stage.

There’s still a long way to go before the ALGS Championship in July 2022 but the Apex Legends streamers will look to leave their early mark in the Pro League.