Apex Legends idea creates new abilities for Assault, Defence & Support classes

Alex Garton
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An Apex Legends player has designed a set of new abilities for the Assault, Defensive & Support classes to match Recon’s next ring location Passive. 

Each of the playable characters in Apex Legends are divided into four separate classes with Assault, Defensive, Support, and Recon all being categories.

While these were originally designed to indicate what role each of the Legends fall into, that changed when Respawn gave all Recon characters a Passive ability that allows them to identify the next ring location.

Unfortunately, none of the other classes received a Passive and for multiple seasons, the community has called on the devs to rectify this.

Well, instead of waiting for Respawn to solve the issue, one player has developed their own new abilities for the Assault, Defensive, and Support classes.

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Legends in Apex are split into Assault, Defensive, Support, and Recon classes.

Apex Legends players want all classes to have unique abilities

When it comes to designing a class ability, it’s key the Passive isn’t too powerful or it may indirectly buff an already popular character. Luckily, Reddit user stlach has created a set of abilities that fit the theme of the classes perfectly and put them on a level playing field with the Recon Legends.

For starters, stlach has given Assault Legends a crafting material bonus for every kill, encouraging them to be more aggressive in gunfights.

When comes to the Supports, they’ve given them an extra compartment on blue supply bins that only they can open, as well as a Mobile Respawn Beacon in their starter kit.

Finally, stlach has suggested that Defensive Legends shouldn’t be slowed down by bullets, allowing them to move at full speed while taking damage.

Although not everyone in the community agrees with all of stlach’s ideas, the concept has been received positively and countless players have praised the post for suggesting some interesting abilities.

“I approve of this… It’d make games more interesting bc people would want one of each on their squad”.

While it’s unlikely Respawn will copy this concept completely, it’s possible it encourages them to take a look at the Defensive, Assault, and Support classes in the near future, and maybe give them a new Passive.