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Apex Legends players have figured out how to stay in Loba’s secret lair

Published: 4/May/2020 6:04

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends players have found a clever way to break into Loba’s in-game teaser – surviving in the secret, underground lair far longer than Respawn probably originally intended.

Season 5’s upcoming Legend has been making her presence known throughout Respawn’s popular battle royale title. From animated previews to in-game easter eggs, the character is coming into the spotlight well ahead of her full release.

The latest teaser is teleporting players into a secret lair after finding Loba’s bracelet. This new area can be seen for roughly 10 seconds before the game sends you back to the battlefield. However, a glitch can keep you there for good.

How to glitch into the lair as Wraith

Upon shifting to the underground location, Reddit user roelers opened a portal with Wraith’s Ultimate. They ran as far as they could and dropped the second portal in the darkened facility. 

In the blink of an eye, both teammates had died somewhere in between dimensions while Wraith found herself stuck in Loba’s lair for good.

The game didn’t forcibly teleport them back, nor did it insta-kill them for remaining inside the easter egg. It allowed them to stay put and continue running down the seemingly endless hallway under the map.

we BROKE the system, but sadly my friends died after from apexlegends

What else can you find in Loba’s lair?

“I was able to travel back to the easter egg area with a portal,” they explained. “But when my friends tried the portal they got crushed and died.”

While there wasn’t a great deal left to explore, they did manage to hit both ends of the lair before the ring closed in and wiped them out.

If you’re looking for an extra clue in this new easter egg, you might be disappointed. Other than the backdrop of Stalker robots, nothing of interest sticks out in the underground facility.

If you’re extremely lucky and have the final ring close around the bracelet, this could be one way to secure an unfair win while avoiding enemies up high.

Clearly an unintended interaction between the new teaser and Wraith’s portal, there’s no telling if Respawn Entertainment might issue a fix before the major Season 5 update.

Apex Legends’ next season is set to kick off on Tuesday, May 12. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of everything we know so far.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaks hints at vehicles coming in Season 7

Published: 23/Oct/2020 14:36 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 15:00

by Jacob Hale


Some new leaked animations in Apex Legends are potentially hinting at vehicles coming to the popular battle royale title in Season 7.

As far as battle royale games go, Apex Legends is one of the last that doesn’t offer players vehicles for faster rotation and to hit different areas of the map quicker. The likes of Warzone and Fortnite have had vehicles for mobility for a long time at this point, while Apex players haven’t had that opportunity.

That said, always looking for ways to offer fans something fresh and exciting in the game, the Apex devs appear to be following suit, if recent leaks are anything to go by.

On top of a weapon charm, some new animations definitely look to prove that we’re getting vehicles sooner rather than later.

As shared by renowned dataminer Shrugtal on Twitter, the Ride Share charm has two passenger seats alongside the driver’s seat, and it’s a hover vehicle.

That’s not all, though: he found some new animations that all but confirm the existence of vehicles in the Apex Games.

As you can see in this tweet below, there are animations in the 6.1 patch for a driver and passenger hovering while seated — perfectly fitting for a Hover Vehicle.

As many people have pointed out, the current Apex Legends maps, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, are a fair share smaller than maps in other battle royale titles, so vehicles may not be as fitting in the game as they are in others. One common theory is that the vehicles may be on rails, similar to the train, rather than being drivable for players to freely traverse the map.

However, the new Olympus map has been speculated about for months now, so it is absolutely possible that they come into the game purely for that — also suggesting that Olympus will be the game’s biggest map yet.

Right now, we can’t confirm for absolute certainty that this means vehicles will be coming to the game, and we should never take leaks as gospel, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see this happen. The big question is how it all plays out.