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Apex Legends: How to play each legend – Ultimate, Tactical, Passive ability tips and tricks

Published: 3/Mar/2019 12:49 Updated: 3/Mar/2019 15:08

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends’ unique take on the battle royale genre is highlighted by the incorporation of heroes, or “legends”, into the standard game type – and learning how to use them is crucial to success.

Most players will pick one legend and stick with them for most games – and might believe themselves an expert with their legend of choice.

However, sometimes a teammate will take your preferred pick, or you might just get tired of the same old, and want to try something else. Here are some tips, tricks and little known hints about the eight base legends in Apex Legends.


Although Bangalore is not considered a medic, using her smoke launcher to cover enemies who are healing, or to revive them in the smoke, is major advantage. Smokes are also useful for getting out a sticky situation – fire them in the direction you are running and they will provide great cover as you move, and Double Time will make it even harder to hit you. 


Also, when playing Bangalore, you should always use digital threat scopes when you find them – they are useful for shooting through your own smoke (but be aware enemies can have digital threat scopes too).

Bangalore’s Ultimate is powerful – but be aware it will also stun and slow you and your teammates, as well as the enemies.


Bloodhound is all about tracking and information on the enemy – and information wins wars. Use the ‘Eye of the Allfather’ ability to see enemies nearby through walls, but be aware that it shows where enemies were at the time you used the ability – not where they are right now.


Beast of the Hunt, the ultimate ability, is great for hunting enemies, but you might not be aware how useful it is for evading them too. You can still be seen, but you move much, much faster, making you a harder target.


Caustic is a somewhat underrated legend, perhaps because it takes some practice to get the most out of his abilities. His gas traps are useful for blocking doors, trapping enemies and eliminating them cruelly with gas.

Caustic’s ultimate is best used in tandem with the traps, and is particularly effective in the late game, when there are only one or two other squads left. Surround opponents with gas traps, and then throw the ultimate right in the middle – enemies will have no escape.


Be warned however, you may be invulnerable to gas, but your teammates are not. They won’t take damage, but they will move slower and their sight will be seriously impaired.


Gibraltar is the closest you will get to a ‘tank’ like character, but he’s low down on most players list for top picks – perhaps because of his exaggerated size compared to other legends, making him an easier target.

To help with this, he has a face shield, which will absorb 50 damage points – but does not cover his head or legs. Much more effective is his dome of protection, which is completely impenetrable to all damage. But, be aware that enemies can enter it too and enjoy its benefits.


Gibraltar’s biggest positive is definitely his ultimate, an airstrike which covers a large area and deals a lot of damage – use the dome of protection at the same time, and you can throw the ultimate right at your own feet.


Lifeline doesn’t boast the same offensive or defensive prowess as other legends, but your teammates will always be thankful to have you on their side.

The fast revive ability can be a game changer, and you get the added benefit of the shield when you revive too – although it is very visible to enemies.

Remember to always take plenty Ultimate Accelerants when playing Lifeline, so you can call in care packages frequently, but also remember that enemies will be alerted to your position by the Lifeline package dropping in.




Mirage’s ultimate has been a point of contention for some players, who argue that it is too weak in comparison to other ultimates. It is best used to escape when you are in a tough spot – but be aware you are not entirely invisible, a small silhouette can still be seen by opponents.

His Tactical ability, the single decoy, is actually more useful, as it’s pretty convincing fake, and is great for baiting out enemy shots. It’s best used in confined areas though, rather than out in the open.


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Pathfinder’s grapple is obviously best suited to latching on to (and swinging from) buildings and cliff edges – but it can also be used to grapple opponents.

The zipline ultimate is very useful in late game situations, if you are caught outside the circle. Target the zipline to a bit of high ground, and tell your teammates to hop on. You will suddenly have the upper hand in last circle positioning.

For the passive, both you and your teammates can see the position of the next safe area, so make sure to use this to your advantage, especially in the late game.


Wraith is many players favorite legend, and for good reason. Her abilities are useful at almost any point in a match, can help both offensively and defensively, and can help teammates too.

If you’re stuck outside the storm, use a portal to travel faster, and have your teammates follow you through it. If you want to give yourself a quick getaway, be sure to set a portal before engaging in a fight. But beware, enemies can use your portal too, so keep an eye on the portal exit for anyone trying to use your own ability against you.

Her Tactical, the phase shift, is best used to get away – similar to Bangalore’s smoke or Mirage’s decoy. If you’re in a tough spot and about to go down, simply phase away. You do leave a trail of blue smoke behind you though, so make sure you head towards cover, or when you come out of phase enemies will be easily be able to gun you down.