You can actually dodge bullets in Apex Legends! Here’s how

Matt Porter

first season and Battle Pass have helped it keep its place at the top-end of Twitch.

With over 50 million players hopping onto the game in its opening month, finding a victory can prove to be difficult, but YouTuber staycation has given fans an in-depth look at how they can use the game’s movement mechanics to their advantage as they search for a win and be crowned Apex Champion.

Movement can be the difference between victory and defeat in Apex Legends.
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Practice the fundamental movements of Apex Legends

While it may seem obvious, making sure you know the basic movements of Apex Legends is essential to making sure you avoid taking damage. Staycation states: “If you can get these down, you’ll never look back, and you can look like shroud or Dizzy with enough practice.”

The Apex Legends tutorial gives players all the basic steps they need to get movement down to an art, with plenty of open space to practice sliding, jumping and running to your heart’s content.


Another simple tip, but one worth remembering, is to strafe when you find yourself in a gunfight. Hitting a moving target is much trickier than hitting a stationary one, so movement is key to making sure you don’t get hit.

Players can also add jumping into their strafe, as this will make it even harder for an opponent to keep their cross hairs on you. This might make it a little more difficult to hit your own shots at the beginning, but with practice will be a key tool in your Apex Legends arsenal.

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Cancelling a sprint is another great way to throw an opponent’s aim off. When you find yourself under fire, start to sprint away from the fight to either the left or the right, and just as you start building momentum, stop dead, or jump backwards.

It’s likely that the enemy player will instinctively follow the path you were taking before the sudden halt, giving you valuable seconds to fire at them as they attempt to readjust their cross hairs.


A tactic which can be seen used by a number of top Apex Legends streamers, a jump-slide can be the perfect way to escape damage. By jumping and then sliding away, your player changes their level and forces the player to try and follow you with their sights, making it incredibly hard to land shots on you.

If you’re struggling to visualize these techniques, you can watch the full video, including demonstrations of each movement, below.

While some of these movements may be second nature, it’s always important to know what tricks you can perform to avoid taking damage, as they could be the difference between a win, and heading back to the lobby screen.