Apex Legends: How to counter Crypto’s EMP

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends new character Crypto has a crippling Drone EMP ultimate ability but MVG pro Honggyun ‘Ras’ Song found a convenient way of countering the move.

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Respawn Entertainment released their new Legend when they launched Season 3 for the battle royale on October 1. While players have been loving everything from the game’s new map to the various buffs and nerfs throughout the patch, Crypto has been causing players a ton of problems.

Even though the new character is a Scout type, their EMP delivers a “blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps” which can easily turn the tide of an engagement in an instant.

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Respawn Entertainment
Crypto’s EMP can be a shock for players caught unaware.

In his October 2 stream, the Apex Legends pro was navigating a hectic battlefield against a Crypto and Pathfinder. After running into the latter foe, he downed them just in time for his character, Wraith, to tip him off of the incoming ultimate.

At the moment he saw static on his screen’s borders and got the sound queue that there was an “EMP incoming,” the pro player immediately navigated into his inventory to drop his Gold Body Armor.

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Ras was able to avoid the huge damage that the Drone EMP gives to shields by simply unequipping it and leaving it safely on the floor.

While the player still took the slowing effects of Crypto’s ultimate, his quick thinking was able to mitigate the overall impact of the EMP.

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After seeing that the EMP’s effects had hit him, he quickly picked up his armor to see it was still at full HP. This was crucial since it saved him from using any healing items he had left, in a game that was down to its last four squads.

Crypto has been extremely popular among Apex players, as his drone’s scouting abilities makes him a better Bloodhound at the expense of mobility.

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But it seems like players can avoid the most damaging effects of the Drone EMP simply by dropping their armor in the moments leading up to the ultimate.

Players are bound to find a lot of creative tactics using Crypto or his drone, so learning effective counters to him would be vital to surviving in Apex Legends Season 3.