Apex Legends

Apex Legends player hilariously baits Twitch streamers Kraftyy and Viss

by Alan Bernal
GeekChickTV Twitter / Respawn Entertainment


Twitch streamer Jesse ‘Kraftyy’ Kraft and Colton ‘Viss’ Visser were in the middle of an intense firefight in Apex Legends when they fell for one of Wraith’s simplest tricks to date.


Apex Legends released on February 4 with a concise array of unique characters to choose from. Every Legend brings their own set of abilities to get the upper-hand in combat, and Wraith's kit can sometimes be used to hilariously deceive the enemy.

After a battle at the Airbase broke out, Kraftyy and Viss were in pursuit of a lonesome Wraith. The Wraith clearly felt the pressure and used their Dimensional Rift to escape the 2v1 they were in.


Going into an enemy Wraith's portal is probably one of the most unsafest parts of Apex Legends.

While players generally know not to take an enemy’s Dimensional Rift, Kraftyy and Viss inadvertently got pinched between a wall and a barrage of gunfire.

With no other option, Kraftyy took the portal, only to find out the Wraith had already crafted a special surprise for the streamers.

“Dude, I just got baited so hard,” Kraftyy said to Viss. “Don’t take [the portal]!”


But it was too late as both Viss and Kraftyy had fallen prey to the trap. The Wraith had set up the Dimensional Rift outlet right over the edge of the map, and there was no saving anyone who entered it.

Kraftyy was in disbelief with how the game ended. He had already tallied 10 kills, and it was down to the last three squads before a miscalculated play instantly ended their match.


The streamers were left speechless by the hysterical bait, which might make them think twice about taking the next suspicious Rift they come across.