Apex Legends

Clever Apex Legends technique allows for Hemlock autofire and faster bunny hopping

by Alan Bernal


Players have been uncovering new tactics in Apex Legends since its February 4 launch, and a familiar technique in gaming can essentially make Hemlock an auto-rifle as well as giving insane bunny hops.


Respawn Entertainment has hit gold with their battle royale, as it’s already attracted more than 50 million players. But with more users in the servers, people are going to be hard-pressed to find ways to stay above the competition.

In a Reddit post, ‘mnkymnk’ made some changes to his keybinds that dramatically improved the rate of fire as well as stability with the Hemlock, and applied the same trick to improve bunny hops in the game.


The new bindings could help players find new ways of utilizing the Hemlock rifle.

Players should be all to familiar with the Hemlock at this point. Although the gun dishes incredible amounts of damage, its burst-fire can be difficult to keep straight and the single-fire mode can be unforgiving in intense gunfights.

By binding Mouse wheel up to the Attack command and switching to the single-fire mode, mnkymnk was able to basically reproduce an automatic weapon’s rate of fire with the Hemlock.


PSA: On PC you can assign two keys for every in-game function. This basically gives you an Auto-fire Hemlok when using mouse-wheel. from r/apexlegends

Though the clip show’s the rifle exhibiting a crazy rate of fire, ‘mnkymnk’ switched to the P2020 with very similar effects.

Similarily, assigning Mouse wheel down to the secondary jump command can give players an easier way to chain bunny hops. Using this method drastically improves the speed of the player’s hops, giving them an agile advantage over their competition.


Mnkymnk says that his method works with any mouse with a scroll wheel, but hyper-scrolling would make the technique easier to replicate.

Apex Legends players who might be struggling to effectively use the Hemlock or make faster rotations could definitely get a ton of use from the creative binds.