Apex Legends heirloom idea for Crypto transforms drone into electrifying neon blade

Alex Garton
Crypto Heirloom Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

A Crypto heirloom concept for Apex Legends has transformed the Surveillance Expert’s drone into a deadly neon blade for him to wield.

When it comes to collectibles in Apex Legends, none are more sought-after than the range of Legend-specific heirlooms that are released alongside collection events.

These incredibly rare items have unique animations and sounds, and are designed to represent the character in the form of a weapon.

With a 1 in 500 drop rate in packs, and collection events only lasting for a limited amount of time, it’s safe to say the community is always waiting for the next heirloom to release.

While some players are satisfied waiting for Respawn’s designers, others take it into their own hands and showcase some amazing personal heirloom designs.

Crypto heirloom blade Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto uses his drone to scout enemies in the distance.

Apex Legends concept gives Crypto drone-inspired melee weapon

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit has gone viral in the community, showcasing a Crypto heirloom design that equips the Surveillance Expert with a blade.

Seemingly inspired by a previous Crypto concept, DawnBreakerRen’s heirloom revolves around the drone transforming into a deadly sword.

Fit with a green neon blade and a light blue handle, the colors match Crypto’s theme perfectly, making it easy to imagine him using the weapon in-game.

It’s obvious that a lot of the community wants to see Respawn implement a sword-like heirloom for Crypto, as it seems to match his theme best out of any of the characters.

With Rampart being the latest Legend to receive her very own heirloom in the form of the Problem Solver, it’s hard to imagine it’ll be long before Crypto gets his time in the spotlight.

Wattson’s design has already been found in the files, so it’s possible she’s next on the list, but Crypto mains will be hoping he isn’t too far behind.

For now, it’s just a waiting game, but Respawn certainly has plenty of top-tier designs to take inspiration from, so let’s hope they deliver.