Apex Legends healing glitch blinding players appears in ALGS match

Apex Legends healing glitchRespawn Entertainment

Pro player Jamie ‘Blasts’ Levine was hit with the blinding healing glitch during an ALGS match, making it impossible for him to fight back against his competitors.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart, which means every player goes into a match looking to secure the victory.

Hoping to outplay their opponents with superior gun skill, legend mastery, and better positioning, the community are always looking to refine their skills.

However, if a glitch out of their control is the reason they’re eliminated, it can cause a huge amount of frustration. This is especially true in the ALGS, where the best-of-the-best are pit up against each other with a huge amount on the line.

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So, when ‘start a fight’ Esports pro Blasts was hit with the infamous heal glitch that completely blocks out the screen, it’s safe to say they were not happy.

Apex Legends ValkyrieRespawn Entertainment
For now, no one knows what is triggering the healing glitch in Apex Legends.

Heal glitch is blinding ALGS players during important matches

During an ALGS match on November 27, Blasts was playing Valkyrie when their team was pinned down behind cover while taking gunfire from all sides.

After diving forward to secure a kill with the Mastiff, Blasts noticed they’d taken a lot of damage and wanted to pull off a heal in cover.

However, after activating a Shield Cell, the whole screen was blocked out by the animation, effectively making them blind.

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Blasts attempted to use the consumable three times and the bug occurred over and over again, so this is definitely not a one-off occurrence.

As you can see, this caused the pro to shout that they were hit with the “worst f***ing bug in the game”, and it’s easy to see why they were so frustrated.

Blasts isn’t the only one experiencing this issue, with multiple players on the Apex Legends Subreddit showcasing clips of the bug as well.

While it’s impossible to know what’s triggering this problem, it could be something to do with the changes to the healing animations for stickers in Season 15.

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Either way, any glitch that makes Apex unplayable for ALGS pros is a serious concern and an issue Respawn needs to address as soon as possible.