Apex Legends has another Sentinel exploit to instantly charge it

Connor Bennett
Sentinel in Apex Legends Storm Point mapRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have stumbled onto another instant charge exploit for the Sentinel, but this time, it only comes courtesy of Revenant and his silence ability. 

Since Season 11, there have been issues in Apex Legends with both the Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle. Both weapons have a charge ability that allows them to deal additional damage, and players have been able to exploit that.

Some have been able to make it so neither weapon loses their charge, meaning they’ve got a permanent damage buff for the damage, while others have been able to make the charging process easier even if they have to keep charging the weapon.

Respawn Entertainment have taken some steps to adjust both weapons – even removing them from the game at the end of Season 11 for a brief period. However, only a few weeks into Season 12, problems have arisen again, especially with the Sentinel.

Apex Legends snipersRespawn Entertainment
The Sentinel sniper rifle can be charged up with Shield Cells.

Apex Legends content creator RossBobSquirrel, who pointed out the instant charge exploit with the Rampage, also noted that there is a similar one with the Sentinel.

However, it only happens because of Revenant. If the Synthetic Nightmare has the Sentinel equipped and is carrying some shield cells, he can pull off a timing trick involving the Silence tactical and a quick step forward to bypass the weapon’s charge phase. The small step is what makes it different from previous iterations of the exploit.

While the exploit might not be all that easy to pull off in a firefight, trying it may just get you banned from the battle royale given that it is pretty powerful.

Unlike other exploits, the sniper does not retain the charge for the rest of the game, but it saves a few seconds regardless.

It remains to be seen just as to how quickly Respawn will clamp down on it, and if they’ll be able to patch it out of Apex before it becomes a go-to tactic for many players.