Apex Legends has another broken ultimate & Revenant players are baffled

. 4 months ago
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Another broken ult in Apex Legends is baffling players, this time with Revenant’s Death Totem working against the team by trapping players under the map.

After the Season 12 Defiance patch update, some abilities have been a bit wonky at times. But this starts to affect people’s matches when ultimate abilities start to go haywire, seeing as they can be used to make plays or stay alive.

For Revenant players, a problem with the Death Totem ult could mean everything seeing as it can give teams a false sense of confidence during a push in shadow form mode.

“I sent my squad to hell,” user ‘ghostly249’ said. After using the Death Totem to take a fight, the player was greeted to a bugged resurrection that dragged down their team.

Even though the Rev ult gave the team its effect, the respawn shortly after glitched them on the underside of the map without an escape.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the Death Totem to bug out like that but other players have experienced something like this in the past.

A fellow Apex player had a theory that might make Rev players think twice about where they place the ultimate.

“This keeps happening to me whenever I put the totem next to a wall on a slope,” one person said. “Even stairs have the same result, not sure if it’s a new bug or not.”

revenant death totem apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Death Totem can be game-changing, but an Apex Legends bug makes it hard to work with.

This bug comes on the heels of another bizarre ultimate glitch that was messing with Octane’s Jump Pad, completely breaking the ability.

At times, these kinds of glitches can be attributed to a new update that messes with the game. When it occurs, Respawn Entertainment are usually quick to implement a hotfix or similar measure to rectify the situation.

If more Revenant players report a problem like this for the Death Totem, then the devs might look into it to see if there’s a way to prevent more ults from acting out.

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