Apex Legends Monsters Within event leaks: Monster skins for Loba, Revenant, more

Respawn Entertainment

Halloween draws near and that means Apex Legends could be gearing up for another spooky event in the battle royale. With new leaks revealing everything from horrifying cosmetics for Revenant and Lifeline, there’s plenty to look forward to.

This year’s Halloween-themed skins for Apex Legends have seemingly made their way onto the internet, and with it we now know a lot more about what to expect for the upcoming event.

Fitting the seasonal holiday, it looks like the Apex event will have a ‘Monster’ theme, with most of the skins generally adhering to that idea. There are more than just cosmetics though, as holos, banners, and trackers have all shown up as well.

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Here’s what we know so far.

Apex Legends leaked Monster skins

Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
There’s lots of content coming for Halloween season in Apex.

There are some fascinating designs amongst this set. While there are usually a few skins in an event that don’t get the same amount of love, the community seems to agree that the leaked Monsters Within skins are all killer, no filler.

It’s important to note this is our only look at these right now, so some of them may not make it into the final release. But so far, they’re looking great, and many could wind up being a day-one pickup for lots of players.

The monster theme plays really well with Revenant and framing him as a hunting creature like a wolf lines up with the other skins in his arsenal. He’s already has a ‘Bird of Prey’ skin, so why not stack on the fearsome animal metaphors?

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Bloodhound Monster skin

Caustic Monster skin

Seer Monster skin

Revenant Monster skin

Valkyrie Monster skin

Horizon Monster skin

Loba Monster skin

Wraith Monster skin

Leaked Halloween event banners and more

Leaked Halloween Banners for Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Bloodhound, Loba, Revenant, and more feature in these gorgeous new banner frames.

The banners are just as cool as the skins. Taking inspiration from classic horror films, each of them are incredible homages to posters that would accompany a Halloween thriller. Respawn truly ran the gamut of horror creeps with aliens, werewolves, vampires, and robots.

Loba edition

Loba is also getting a black and white Quartermaster skin in her ‘edition’ pack, rumored for a Season 11 release.

There’s something to the movie poster aesthetic that just works for each character of Apex. Not every legend has a one-to-one cinematic counterpart or anything, but they are larger than life in the same way that characters on the silver screen tend to be.

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If all of these leaks hold up, then it’s set to be an exciting event for Apex Legends players. Imagine all the fun you’ll have scaring the life out of opponents when you drop down on them as one of these horrifying new additions.