Apex Legends hacker gets embarrassed by “world’s simplest” play

Octane and Pathfinder using a jump pad in apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Have you ever wondered how to counter a hacker in Apex Legends? The answer might be as simple as letting them take care of it themselves, as one cheater accidentally demonstrated how easy it is to get embarrassed by smarter players. 

While hackers in Apex Legends are notoriously hard to kill even in the most lopsided fights, it turns out that letting them outplay themselves might be the best solution on the table.

No matter how good a player’s aim is, it can’t compensate for every mistake they make on the map, and this clip is proof of why both talent and intelligence are necessary to succeed even if you’re cheating.

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Apex Legends hacker gets embarrassed by simple outplay

Lava Siphon ApexRespawn Entertainment
The lava around World’s Edge might be the perfect counter for cheaters.

The video comes from Ameen32, who was paired up with the alleged cheater in a World’s Edge Duos match. According to them, the speedster had demonstrated some sketchy behavior on their way to the end of a 16-kill game.

When the final fight starts, the player in question hits some impressive shots onto an enemy Legend, but isn’t quite able to finish the job.

The other player takes advantage of a nearby jump pad to get away and the hacker decided to follow him up. This turns out to be the wrong decision, as the jump pad is facing out into the storm at an angle where climbing up out of the lava below is impossible, effectively eliminating any chance of survival.

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In response to the clip, one user roasted the hacker for failing to close out the game on their own: “This is funny on a whole new level, like imagine being so trash at the game that you can’t even win with hacks.”

Another commenter joked that the Octane wasn’t hacking, he was simply taking advantage of the game’s mechanics as intended: “Nah, they’re on console, can’t you see the aim assist?”

While Respawn have been cracking down on all types of cheaters in Season 11, these kinds of interactions are happening far too often for fans’ liking.

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One frustrated fan suggested that even the funniest hacker clips represent a low point for the game: “I love seeing a cheater get their just desserts, but the sheer amount of these clips is just depressing man…”