Apex Legends

Apex Legends hacker gets banned mid-match after cheating against TSM Viss

by Marcus Banks


An Apex Legends hacker got what he deserved after facing TSM Viss earlier in the game, as he was banned with only one opposing player remaining in the match.


After bursting onto the battle royale scene in February, Apex Legends exploded in popularity, rivalling the likes of Fortnite.

However, Respawn Entertainment has been faced with a massive problem that has plagued the game in recent weeks, with an influx of hackers bypassing their anti-cheat system to gain an unfair advantage on the battlefield.

Apex Legends hackers have ruined the gaming experience in recent weeks by cheating.


Even professional players such as Team SoloMid’s Colton ‘Viss’ Vinnier have encountered these players in game. While playing with a random squad, Viss noticed one user in particular racking up an absurd number of eliminations.

After being downed by a player, the former PUBG pro was unable to save his fallen team-mates from a team he suspected of hacking before another cheater arrived to clean up the kills.


Viss decided to spectate the hacker with the username ‘mr-DaShXian’ to see whether he was indeed cheating. His suspicions were confirmed when the player easily downed two of the final remaining players - trolling their knocked bodies with only one legend alive.

The TSM member joked that he hoped Respawn was watching his stream to get the player banned, although it may well have been true. Amazingly, he got his wish as the player froze before being booted offline much to the amusement of Viss and his Twitch chat.


“Tell me his ass get banned – tell me Respawn is watching,” he said before watching the player disconnect. “Oh my god – get fucked!”

Respawn are doing everything they can to remove hackers from their game while also aiming to bring the long-awaited season one battle pass to their players as soon as possible.