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Apex Legends grenades are completely broken after System Override update

Published: 6/Mar/2020 10:51

by David Purcell


Many Apex Legends players were really looking forward to the System Override event, but it appears that grenades are actually completely broken since the update went live. 

Respawn Entertainment rolled out a number of new features as part of the patch, including the introduction of Evo Shields and a Deja Loot game mode, although issues regarding thrown explosives seem to be mounting as the days go by.

Multiple bugs have been discovered, all involving the standard grenade, leaving members of the community no choice but to post details of the problems on Reddit in an attempt to see if developers will spot it and roll out a hotfix.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment might want to look into grenade issues in Apex Legends Season 4.

The glitches do appear to be quite varied, too, but we’re going to run through three major ones that need to be fixed urgently. The first can be seen below and was posted by user IamNanoss, who discovered that sometimes they can just disappear right in front of your eyes in Apex Legends.

After finding themselves in a close-range battle with an enemy, the player spots a grenade on the floor and is about to pick it up before it disappears in plain sight – which is clearly going to be a problem for those wanting to stock up on them.

Grenade disappears before your eyes from apexlegends

It’s unclear as to how effective picking grenades up would be anyway, as Redditor ostrich_fondlerer showed that if they’re not vanishing on the floor, they can also go missing from the HUD screen and are unable to be selected.

This doesn’t seem to be specifically something to this user, as another posted in the thread: “Dude I thought I was going crazy. Went into a 3 squad final fight and started mashing my right d-pad button and died because of this.”

Not sure if this has been posted yet. Inventory grenades aren’t showing on HUD and cannot be selected. from apexlegends

For those who are lucky enough to do the legwork and eventually get a grenade in their legend’s hands, however, there’s also a third bug that might be the worst of the lot.

This one prevents players from throwing grenades after exiting a zipline – rendering them pretty much useless in some cases since the System Override update went live.

Grenade wouldn’t throw once coming off the zipline from apexlegends

According to the game’s official Trello board, where devs usually post about things being investigated in-game and respond to bugs by noting them for future patches, there is no indication that a fix is on the way for these problems any time soon.

In terms of how much longer grenades will be impacted by these bugs in-game, that question hasn’t been answered just yet. Once Respawn announces a fix, though, we’ll be the first to let you know. Until then, it’s probably a good call to stay clear of the explosives for the time being.

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Apex Legends leaks reveal Pathfinder Town Takeover coming in Season 7

Published: 28/Oct/2020 3:21

by Isaac McIntyre


Pathfinder will be the next Apex Legends character to get a Town Takeover, and the first to have their own personalized POI on new map Olympus, according to playtester images that have leaked ahead of the Season 7 update.

Town Takeovers are one of the most exciting events in Apex Legends. Not only do they bring new lore and backstories for their focal legend, but they also add special points of interest to the battle royale map as well, branded in unique ways.

Octane, Wraith, and Crypto have already enjoyed Town Takeovers on Kings Canyon, while Apex Legends’ second map, World’s Edge, hosted Mirage and Bloodhound events over the past few seasons. Now it looks like it’s finally Pathfinders turn.

Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder looks set to become the first Apex Legends character with a Town Takeover on Olympus.

According to leaked playtester images shared by dataminer Biast12, the loveable robot will be getting a huge POI when Apex Legends shifts to new map Olympus in Season 7. 

The new Pathfinder point of interest will be a massive boxing arena.

In the leaked POI image, which is slightly blurry and back-and-white, Pathfinder can be seen wearing his heirloom gloves, and posing on a poster emblazoned with his name. The circle building behind it certainly looks like a sports stadium too.

Biast12 also said the leaked image only shows “part of [the whole] Pathfinder’s Town Takeover.” There is also allegedly a stadium “on the other side of the wall.”

Considering it’s just a single image that’s leaked so far, it’s tough to get a good picture of what the Town Takeover may actually look like. Biast12 did tease it could have “a bunch of zip lines everywhere” after replying to one fan’s comment.

When will Pathfinder’s Town Takeover start?

The Pathfinder Town Takeover will be in Season 7, and appears to be hosted on Olympus. Beyond that, however, a possible start date for the event is a little hazy.

The Mirage Voyage point of interest is the closest Town Takeover date-wise that we have to go off. It was released on Dec. 12, 2019, two months into Season 3. If Respawn sticks to the same formula, we could see Pathfinder’s arena at a similar time of year.

In fact, it could basically be bang on the same week. Season 7 arrives on Nov. 4 ⁠— yes, it’s still set for then, despite a little update scare this week ⁠— and eight weeks after that lands on Tuesday, December 8. That’s about as close as you can get!

Town Takeover teasers usually start earlier too. We may start to see Pathfinder teasers for the arena in mid-November, once we’ve settled into life on Olympus.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder fans will be loving Apex Legends Season 7, from the sounds of it.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for official confirmation from Respawn about the exciting new takeover. The developers have never commented on Town Takeover leaks before, so the first time we see anything new could be in-game on Dec. 8.

Whether they comment or not, however, it looks like there’s a lot of exciting new content on the way at the start of next month. Season 7 will finally arrive, along with a new Legend, a brand-new map, vehicles, clubs, and more.