Apex Legends grenades are completely broken after System Override update

. 2 years ago
Grenade in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Many Apex Legends players were really looking forward to the System Override event, but it appears that grenades are actually completely broken since the update went live. 

Respawn Entertainment rolled out a number of new features as part of the patch, including the introduction of Evo Shields and a Deja Loot game mode, although issues regarding thrown explosives seem to be mounting as the days go by.

Multiple bugs have been discovered, all involving the standard grenade, leaving members of the community no choice but to post details of the problems on Reddit in an attempt to see if developers will spot it and roll out a hotfix.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment might want to look into grenade issues in Apex Legends Season 4.

The glitches do appear to be quite varied, too, but we’re going to run through three major ones that need to be fixed urgently. The first can be seen below and was posted by user IamNanoss, who discovered that sometimes they can just disappear right in front of your eyes in Apex Legends.

After finding themselves in a close-range battle with an enemy, the player spots a grenade on the floor and is about to pick it up before it disappears in plain sight – which is clearly going to be a problem for those wanting to stock up on them.

It’s unclear as to how effective picking grenades up would be anyway, as Redditor ostrich_fondlerer showed that if they’re not vanishing on the floor, they can also go missing from the HUD screen and are unable to be selected.

This doesn’t seem to be specifically something to this user, as another posted in the thread: “Dude I thought I was going crazy. Went into a 3 squad final fight and started mashing my right d-pad button and died because of this.”

For those who are lucky enough to do the legwork and eventually get a grenade in their legend’s hands, however, there’s also a third bug that might be the worst of the lot.

This one prevents players from throwing grenades after exiting a zipline – rendering them pretty much useless in some cases since the System Override update went live.

According to the game’s official Trello board, where devs usually post about things being investigated in-game and respond to bugs by noting them for future patches, there is no indication that a fix is on the way for these problems any time soon.

In terms of how much longer grenades will be impacted by these bugs in-game, that question hasn’t been answered just yet. Once Respawn announces a fix, though, we’ll be the first to let you know. Until then, it’s probably a good call to stay clear of the explosives for the time being.

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