Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs reveal reason for weapon changes in v1.1.1 patch

by Eli Becht


Respawn made extensive changes to weapons in Apex Legends patch v1.1.1 – and now the developers of the hit battle royale have explained who inspired them to improve them.


The major Apex Legends patch that was released on April 16 brought a variety of changes, including buffs to Gibraltar and Caustic, along with numerous weapon changes.

It was the fans! Yes, according to a Respawn developer, the variety of changes, including buffs to Gibraltar and Caustic, along with numerous weapon changes, came following constructive feedback in the Reddit community.


They listened!! This was the best part of the new patch IMO, especially the gold wingman! from r/apexlegends

Reddit user andrekesh applauded the changes made to gold weapon attachments, which include the Havok, R301 and Wingman getting additional attachments, calling them the best part of the patch. 

In his post, he even circled the changes that Respawn had made as a result of fan feedback, showing his excitement.



Reddit directly influenced the changes

Jason Garza, Respawn Community Coordinator who goes by Garza_RSPN on Reddit, replied to the thread saying the team does read and listen to constructive feedback but don't always have time to respond to everything.

"We may not always be able to respond to threads and replies," he wrote. "But we all do listen, read, and watch here at the studio when it comes to constructive feedback. This change was because of good feedback here in the Reddit forums. Hope you enjoy it."

Gibraltar received a buff with Apex Legends v1.1.1.

With more titles moving to the "games as a service" method player feedback is key since these are games that are actively developed and have the ability to change weekly.

Apex Legends doesn't receive as many changes as players see with Fortnite, so when they come it is a massive deal. Players might not always agree with the frequency of the updates, but when they come, they are well received.