Apex Legends Gold players mock “terrible” matchmaking as ALGS Predators destroy them

. 26 days ago
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A set of Gold Apex Legends players have voiced their frustration after being destroyed by a squad of ALGS Predators in Ranked.

Season 13 of Apex Legends has received an overwhelming amount of praise since arriving on May 10, with Newcastle and the Storm Point map changes being among the highlights.

However, one aspect of Saviors that has been hit with major criticism is Ranked Reloaded, as a lot of players feel as if the competitive mode is now less fun and unfairly balanced.

The primary complaint from the community is the disparity of skill levels in lobbies, with countless Silver, Gold, and Platinum players being matched up against Masters and Predators.

Well, one Gold squad has proven how poor the matchmaking has become in Season 13 by showcasing their experience with an ALGS Predator squad in their Ranked match.

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Season 13 of Apex Legends kicked off on May 10.

Gold players “rolled” by pro ALGS squad in Ranked

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Pwn_sauce and their squad were playing in a Gold lobby when they were beamed down and killed, giving them no opportunity to fight back.

Thinking it was strange, they decided to check who the opposing squad was and realized they’d been eliminated by Mark ‘Dropped’ Thees and Joseph ‘Frexs’ Sanchez, both pros for Spacestation gaming, as well as Ryan ‘Reptar’ Boyd, another pro who competes for Complexity.

Of course, this left both Pwn_sauce and their friend extremely confused as they had been matched up against a Predator squad of pros in a relatively low-level lobby.

This occurrence has sparked a discussion on Reddit, with countless players criticizing the matchmaking and Apex in its current state: “The game feels like it’s in a terrible state right now.”

The aim of Ranked Reloaded was to improve the competitive mode and create a fair environment where players can test out their skills.

Unfortunately, it seems to have made the matchmaking worse and with Silver and Golds being placed against Predators, it makes it almost impossible for them to win.

“I literally uninstalled last night because of this… My trio group is very clearly bronze and Pubs matchmaking has been terrible this season, ranked sbmm has been terrible.”

It’s obvious the issues with matchmaking are taking their toll on the community, so Respawn is going to have to find a solution in the near future, or risk more players leaving out of frustration.

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