Apex Legends goes IRL in stunning Tiktok video

Alec Mullins
Apex Legends August Prime skinRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is enjoying a huge comeback right now and fans have shown their love for the game in lots of different ways and this Tiktok shows just how much fans love these characters. 

Apex Legends is in something of a renaissance period. While the hype around the game was high for the first few months after release, it seemed as if it was always going to be stuck to playing second fiddle to games like Fortnite and Warzone, which seemed to penetrate the cultural zeitgeist much deeper than Apex did. This has started to change though. The debut of Season 10 Emergence saw a ton of big-name streamers flocking to the game and placing a well-deserved spotlight on the title.

The appreciation hasn’t stopped there at Twitch and YouTube though, as TikTok user King Vader has brought the game’s newest Legend, to life in a TikTok video.

This bite-sized story perfectly encapsulates how scary it was to run into a Seer before he was nerfed.

Seer dominates the competition IRL and in-game

Apex Legends SeerRespawn Entertainment
Seer is one of many popular additions from Season 10.

While his pick rate may be down pretty drastically right now, Seer’s kit makes him one of the most oppressive Legends in the game.

Whether through his heartbeat sensor, the auto-tracking provided by his ultimate, or by sniping you with his tactical, Seer keeps a watchful eye on the competition at all times. All of this makes running away from him feel like you’re stuck in the part of an action movie where the good guy has come to clean up the mess that you’ve unfortunately created for him.

This video also hits on what makes Apex Legends stand out from the crowd. The ridiculous finishing moves, the over-the-top personalities, and the brutal quips between characters all make for an elevated gaming experience.

While this is the closest thing we’re going to get to an Apex Legends movie or TV series for a while, the video does raise some excellent questions about what the game would look like in live-action. Since being released on September 4, the video has accumulated over a million views, and the demand for more doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Fans of the game have flooded the comment section asking for their favorite Legends to be included in a follow-up.