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Apex Legends Global Series: Tournament 5 results & final placements

Published: 4/May/2020 6:25 Updated: 4/May/2020 7:28

by Brad Norton


The fifth set of online tournaments in the Apex Legends Global Series North American and European regions has come to a close – and the final results put fresh faces atop the competition.

$23,000 was up for grabs over the weekend as European and North American Apex teams battled for the top spots in their respective regions. 

With hundreds of teams competing throughout May 2 – May 3, there was plenty of action to keep on top of in the latest Global Series showdown.

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Apex Legends Global Series #5 North America Winners

While the top 10 teams throughout the event would land in the money, only the top five would automatically qualify for the following tournament. The names among the finalists might come as a surprise.


Complexity Gaming’s Ryan ‘Reptar’ Boyd, Bowen ‘Monsoon’ Fuller, and newfound third,  Trenton ‘Lou’ Clements, fought their way to a fourth-place finish with 41 points.

Eeking out ahead of them and claiming the top spot, however, was Team Skrt. The trio managed to place inside the top 10 throughout every round of competition on the way to their dominant 70 point victory.

Apex Legends Global Series #5 North America Top 10

Place Team Points Prize Money
1st Skrt  70 $7,200
2nd GODSENT 60 $4,410
3rd Fishers 48 $2,790
4th Complexity Gaming 41 $2,010
5th Team Superior 39 $1,650
6th Some Somebodies 39 $1,410
7th Lil Poggies 37 $1,185
8th iShinyMuffinsBcJ 33 $975
9th TypicalGamer, TeePee 30 $780
10th Sola Fide 26 $590

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Apex Legends Global Series #5 Europe Winners

Across the pond, final placements were surprisingly similar with a clear gap between the points of the top 10, and every other team.

‘Чмк’ closed out their run with 67 points to secure the event victory. Winning rounds one and three with extremely high kill games to boot.


Notably, Alliance’s veteran European duo of Simon ‘Vaifs’ Bellini and John ‘hakis’ Håkansson, along with their new third, Kha ‘iPN_k0u’ Nguyen, rounded out their impressive run with 57 points for a third-place finish.

Apex Legends Global Series #5 Europe Top 10

Place Team Points Prize Money
1st чмк  67 $7,200
2nd Gambit Esports 61 $4,410
3rd Alliance 57 $2,790
4th Clique Esports 47 $2,010
5th Virtus.pro 38 $1,650
6th North 37 $1,410
7th GnaskeStrafeDel 34 $1,185
8th ad hoc gaming 33 $975
9th Rabinou’s Backpack 27 $780
10th SJP2 26 $590

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Online Tournament #6 is set to kick off on May 31 with another $100K up for grabs globally. It’s likely that many familiar faces return and look to build upon their performances this time around.

Major and Premier Global Series events are still in the works for 2020 but there’s no telling when they might come to fruition.