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Apex Legends glitch spot on Storm Point gives players free kills

Published: 28/Jan/2022 12:25

by James Busby


A new hiding spot has been discovered on Apex Legends’ Storm Point map, giving sneaky squads a huge advantage. 

Apex Legends maps are often filled with amazing vantage points that players can use to get a competitive edge over their enemies. From OP locations that give snipers easy kills to high ground rat spots, the game’s community is constantly finding new areas to hide in. 

Not only can utilizing these hidden areas give you an advantage, but they can also lead to some incredibly easy kills. While Respawn has often patched a number of the more notorious glitch spots, there are a few that continue to slip through the net. 


Apex Legends Storm Point glitch spot

Apex Legends player using a glitch spot on Storm Point
This glitch spot makes players incredibly hard to see.

Finding a location that completely conceals your body in Apex Legends is incredibly broken, especially when you’re trying to get the drop on enemy players. Whether you’re looking to sneakily third party your foes or just need a bit of respite to heal, then this Storm Point glitch spot enables you to do both. 

YouTuber Skeptation recently showcased how players can hide in one of the orange cones on Storm Point. In order to utilize this spot, simply travel over to Checkpoint and enter the building on the eastern section of the POI. Locate the two cones and walk into the largest one to conceal yourself. 


If done correctly, you should phase through the cone and now be inside it. To make yourself even harder to see, Skeptation recommends crouching in the center of the cone. It’s important to note that the cone still has bullet collision, which means you won’t be able to hit enemies while inside the cone. 

Instead, it’s best to let your foes run past before engaging them. If you come across a squad abusing this glitch spot, then Thermite grenades and bullets will still hurt them, so be sure to carefully check this area when exploring Checkpoint.