Apex Legends

New Apex Legends exploit unlocks free Origin Access pack

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


Apex Legends released the Origin Access pack shortly after the game’s launch but a new exploit appears to allow anyone to claim the free loot.


Though the loot box was intended to be an exclusive available only to Origin Access subscribers, players have found a workaround that grants the content using a bit of code.

The Origin Access pack unlocks 1000 Apex coins, a Flatline Epic Weapon skin and a special Banner Badge, though the cheat will now let any PC player claim the prize.


The exlusive items given in the Origin Access pack.

A previous exploit gave players access to the Twitch Prime Loot pack. The company had taken back the Legendary skin for Pathfinder from those that used the exploit, but it seems the awarded coins were left untouched.

Though EA probably did their due diligence to plug up the error in their backend to stop people from using the Twitch Prime exploit, it seems like it the company didn't expect to run into the same problem again.


The Twitch Prime Apex Legends deal went claimed by many that didn't originally have access to it.

The new workaround that gives players the Origin Access pack follows basically the same route as the cheat used to acquire the Twitch Prime Loot pack.

While some members of the community were hesitant about the exploit due to fears of being banned, others said that the blame for using the cheat shouldn’t be on the player.

Update, March 13, 7:30 EST: There are unconfirmed reports that some players are in fact now having their accounts banned if they are found to have used the exploit.


Some people feel banning accounts would be unjustified however. “[The cheat is] literally a launch option,” one Redditor said. “If they have it available they can't blame people for using it. Same as -Console in CSGO and CSSource for example and this game is running on a heavily modified source engine.”

EA is sure to be working on a fix for the cheat, but at the time of writing it some players have still been seeing success with the exploit.