Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM overrun with “boosters” farming damage & kill badges

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Apex Legends’ Flashpoint LTM has been taken over by boosters who are attempting to farm damage & kill badges before the mode is removed on May 3.

On April 19, Apex Legends’ Unshackled thematic event arrived in-game and introduced a range of new Legendary cosmetics for Pathfinder, Crypto, Valkyrie, and more.

Alongside the skins, the fan-favorite Flashpoint LTM was also added, putting a unique spin on the battle royale format by removing all healing items and replacing them with giant domes that regenerate players’ health.

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Although Respawn has been praised by the community for reintroducing the mode, not everyone is using the LTM for its intended purpose.

As damage and kill badges can still be earned in Flashpoint, countless boosters are using the mode to farm collectibles, ruining the experience for other players.

Apex Legends FlashpointRespawn Entertainment
Flashpoint is incredibly fast-paced as squads are forced to fight.

Badge boosters have taken over Flashpoint LTM

As the giant domes can technically regenerate health and shields infinitely in a Flashpoint match, boosters are taking the opportunity to group up with other squads and farm badges.

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This has become a regular occurrence in the LTM since it arrived on April 19 with multiple squads all farming in different corners of Olympus, as showcased by Reddit user KLIPPEE.

Countless mobile respawn beacons and dropships can be seen in the distance, all recovering players over and over again so they can get their hands on damage & kill badges.

Unfortunately, the clip below isn’t an isolated case, with players revealing that they’re running into boosters in every single match: “Last night we had at least 2 groups farming in absolutely every single game of flashpoint, in some we had 3 to 4 groups.”

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A lot of players are confused about why Respawn allowed competitors to drop with a respawn beacon in the LTM, and why unlocks are enabled in Flashpoint: “So dumb to let players spawn with mobile beacons and also to not disable all badge unlocks for the LTM”.

Respawn is yet to take action against these boosters or make any changes to prevent it from happening, so it’s hard to know if this issue is going to be fixed before the LTM is removed on May 3.

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Either way, there are going to be a lot more 20 kill and 4k damage badges in the Outlands in Season 13, but will they still be considered an achievement after this event?