Apex Legends fans demand Firing Range overhaul that would be perfect for upping your game

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends firing range practice mode with dummies

Apex Legends players have called on Respawn to implement an overhaul to the current Firing Range system so that could not only practice with weapons, but also movement and abilities. 

Like most games, Apex Legends gives fans the chance to hone their skills in a practice arena. Firing Range, as it’s known in Apex, allows players to experiment with weapons and attachments.

For most, it can be useful for testing any new weapon that comes to the game so that you can quickly get a feel for its recoil and such, but many just ignore it unless Respawn uses it for an event or teaser.

Many PC players will, instead, opt for third-party solutions to improve their aim skills but some fans would like to see a bigger overhaul made so that it’s not just weapons that you can get to grips with.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Some players want to see Apex’s Firing Range spruced up.

It was an idea floated by Redditor 69littleduck69 using gameplay from YouTuber MonkeySniper, showing how Firing Range could well be expanded upon far more than just being a spot to test weapons. They called on the devs to consider it, saying: “Please devs, we wouldn’t need Aim Labs anymore.”

In the video, there are a few highly-request for Firing Range, including infinite magazines, different aim games, and being able to change the speed of the targets.

Additionally, they would also add an ‘upper level’ so that players can practice movement and jumps in tight spaces that would be pretty helpful in matches. Plus a spot to test out different abilities quickly.

The response is overwhelmingly positive as it appears to be a popular idea with fans. “This would be amazing. The firing range kinda sucks right now,” said one. “Yes, please get this to the devs somehow,” added another.

Other concepts and mods have just expanded on the weapon training side of Firing Range but this new idea clearly encompasses the full range of skills you need to succeed in Apex.

Maybe, just maybe, Respawn will hear the calls for change.