Apex Legends ‘Fanatic’ Energy pistol gameplay leaked

Apex Legends character running with weaponRespawn/EA

A fresh Apex Legends leak has given fans a first-look at some gameplay of an energy pistol that some are calling the ‘Fanatic’, and it looks pretty sweet. 

Apex Legends is now well into its twelfth season as a gaming powerhouse, and Respawn Entertainment have added plenty of interesting new characters, weapons, and items along the way.

In the case of new weapons, the Battle Royale developers have dipped into the Titanfall universe for inspiration before, bringing across the likes of the CAR SMG, 30-30 Repeater, and Volt as a part of seasonal updates.

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While it has been a few seasons since a new weapon was added, Respawn have been apparently been testing a few things out, including a new energy pistol that seemingly hits pretty hard.

apex legends replicator weaponsRespawn Entertainment
New weapons pop up in Apex all the time.

Redditor Pretty_Chard5030, who has dropped some reliable intel in the past, posted a video of the apparent testing on February 23, giving us a first look at the new weapon dealing significant damage to the dummies in Firing Range.

While we have gameplay of how the weapon is supposed to deal with enemies, we don’t actually know what it looks like. In the video, the model of the RE-45 automatic pistol is used as a placeholder. Though, this is not uncommon.

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Previously, players uncovered the ‘Nemesis’ assault rifle in a similar fashion, and the R-301 Carbine model was used to show that off instead of what the weapon actually looked like.

What is noticeable about this so-called Fanatic pistol, is just how much visual clutter is on-screen when zoomed in. There is a blue glow, seemingly from charging the weapon, that doesn’t disappear.

Additionally, there is a noticeable bar on the weapon that appears to indicate how much ammunition, or charges, you have left to use.

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While it is seemingly being tested currently, there is no telling just when, or if, this weapon will appear in-game. Some weapons have been in testing forever but never released, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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