Apex Legends fan creates incredible Wraith design with an anime twist

Apex Legends has been remade in numerous styles from its highly talented community, but a new take on Wraith could be the best to come out so far.

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Respawn Entertainment released their battle royale on February 4 and the community’s artistic members have been running away with the game’s Legends by coming up with impressive renditions for them all.

In a Reddit post, artist Pikat reimagined the Interdimensional Skirmisher by making her face and features pop with a lively anime style.

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Respawn entertainmentThe troubled Legend is among one of the more popular Legends for artistic fans to give their takes on.

Pikat did away with the dull colors from Apex Legends and completely revitalized the character’s look and feel with a vibrant palette that brings out a kind of child-like essense to the character.

Even though Pikat’s design choice makes Wraith look a bit younger, she somehow appears even more deadlier and menacing than in the game.

The artist gave their version of Wraith huge anime style eyes with more prominent grey irises that stare into your soul.

PikatIt’s easy to forget how lethal Wraith is in her more spirited anime form.

It looks like the artist put a bit of blush on Wraith’s cheeks, but that did very little to brighten up the natural dead stare the Legend seems to always have.

Pikat also included energy emitting from Wraith’s hand and a wildly flowing scarf to add a bit more flair to one of the game’s most popular Legends.

Some commenters on Reddit loved the artist’s take on Wraith, but said the design reminded them of another popular ninja character from One Punch Man.

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PikatPikat’s rendition of Wraith gets even deadlier with her trust knife in hand.

The artist admitted that while they were drawing their Wraith design, they too were reminded of the ninja Speed-O’-Sound Sonic from the hit anime, saying: “ I thought I was drawing Sonic while I was drawing this half the time. They do have super similar designs, after all.”

The artist’s creation left a lot of fans wanting more, so it’s a good thing Pikat was already planning to draw up the rest of the Apex Legends cast which will undoubtedly be as great as their take on Wraith.