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Apex Legends • May 22, 2019

Apex Legends cosplayer shows off incredibly accurate Caustic cosplay

Apex Legends cosplayer shows off incredibly accurate Caustic cosplay
Respawn / EA Games

A genius Apex Legends fan has shown off an amazing Caustic cosplay on Reddit, complete with a real smoking Nox Gas Grenade.


Posting to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Thicc_Gas_Dad proudly unveiled the costume in a three-second clip captioned with Caustic’s classic voice line “in the end… everything dies.”

A costume is just a costume until the person wearing it brings it to life and the Reddit user does just that, staring into the camera menacingly while holding the character’s famous smoking Nox Gas Grenade.

Thicc_Gas_Daddy's Caustic cosplay is brilliant.

Caustic is locked out of Apex Legends’ base game and can only be unlocked by spending 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins, the latter of which can be bought for $9.99 / £7.99.

He uses four main abilities: the Nox Gas Trap slows teammates and enemies; Nox Vision highlights enemies; Fortified gives Caustic a 10% defence buff; and the Nox Gas Grenade deals damage to anyone trapped in its gas.


Reddit is a breeding ground for great Apex cosplays

Because Apex Legends is a popular game, it's no surprise that many fans are creating some absolutely amazing cosplay designs, like this Mirage one posted onto Reddit by user Lyonz91.

He even captioned his post with Mirage's famous catchphrase “I'm good, I'm good. What can I say? Did I say I'm good? Well I am.”

This amazing Mirage cosplay was also posted to Reddit.


The cosplayer pretty much nails Mirage's design, which he showed off at Orlando MegaCon, even down to the word 'Trouble' scrawled onto his chestplate.

Like many of the costumes we see, the attention to detail on this design is crazy and definitely raises the bar for future Apex cosplays.

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