Apex Legends fan perfectly recreates Fragment in Minecraft and it’s unbelievably good

Minecraft Fragment Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan has recreated World’s Edge’s Fragment East & West in Minecraft and it’s unbelievably accurate.

While there are countless POIs on World’s Edge that provide a hefty amount of loot, there’s one location that all players seem to be drawn to, and that’s Fragment.

A chaotic urban location divided by a river of lava, it’s always packed with squads looking to rack up kills early and get the best possible start to a match.

As a result, the area has become an iconic hotspot in the community, with a lot of players joking that it’s the only location worth landing at on World’s Edge.

Well, one dedicated Apex player decided to take their love for Fragment a step further and recreate it perfectly in Minecraft.

Fragment Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Fragment is the most popular POI on World’s Edge.

Apex player recreates Fragment in Minecraft

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit on March 9, Reddit user kurobekuro decided to share their Minecraft recreation of Fragment with the community.

The passionate player has managed to construct the popular POI and capture all of the area’s key details, including the high-rise buildings and the lava ravine.

Without a doubt, the most impressive aspect of the build is the collapsed building in the backdrop that kurobekuro has put together perfectly, mirroring the exact design from the main game.

It’s safe to say a lot of players were impressed with the recreation and congratulated kurobekuro for their hard work, with some even asking where they could download the custom map.

Merging different game worlds together is always incredible as it allows you to see different locations and characters in a new light.

Let’s hope kurobekuro continues to expand their Fragment build into a whole map of World’s Edge, or potentially, move on to locations on Storm Point or Olympus.