Apex Legends fan creates Ash’s Ronin blade in real life

Alex Garton. Last updated: Dec 13, 2021
Apex Legends Ronin blade
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan has crafted Ash’s deadly Ronin blade in real life and the weapon has gone viral in the game’s community.

The Incisive Instigator Ash arrived in Apex Legends Season 11 and became a fan-favorite character the second she was added to the roster.

With roots in Titanfall 2 and a set of aggressive abilities that promote hunting down opponents and taking gunfights, it’s easy to see why she’s the fifth most popular Legend in the game.

Although the majority of players showcase their dedication to a character by mastering their abilities, SobolevCrafts decided to take a slightly different approach and create Ash’s magnificent Ronin blade in real life.

Ash Apex Legends Storm Point
Respawn Entertainment
Ash originally appeared in the Titanfall franchise.

Apex Legends player recreates Ash’s deadly blade in real life

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, SobolevCrafts decided to share their new project with the community and it’s safe to say it’s left a lot of fans absolutely speechless.

The talented player decided to craft Ash’s Ronin sword in real life and instead of making a rough copy, they added all of the intricate details, including the marks along the side of the blade.

Fans were so impressed by the sword that some of them even admitted that they thought the weapon was a render at first before taking a closer look at the picture.

“Not gonna lie, I thought it was just a really good render at first,” one impressed user wrote, with another simply asking “How do I buy it?”.

SobolevCrafts did reveal in the thread that the majority of the weapon is made of plastic, which is why they’ve been able to make more than one and keep them as detailed as possible.

Either way, it’s obvious a tremendous amount of effort went into creating the sword, and with so many weapons in-game to recreate, it’ll be interesting to see what SobolevCrafts makes next.