Apex Legends exploit opens explosive holds without wasting a grenade

Grenade in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A newly discovered exploit seems to allow players access to Apex Legends’ explosive holds without wasting a grenade to do so.

Explosive Holds were added to Apex Legends back in Season 8, and contain weapons, Hop-Ups, ammo, and more for players to loot.

Traditionally players needed to use a grenade to blow open the doors, but a new exploit apparently grants access without wasting a thing.

apex legends season 8 explosive holdsRespawn Entertainment
Anyone who’s played Apex recently has probably seen the explosive holds spread around King’s Canyon.

Reddit user ‘yaboigrafix’ is the one we have to thank for bringing this exploit to our attention. As they show in a video on Reddit, it seems like the doors can be opened by canceling the initial animation.

If you drop a grenade in the middle of the animation while opening a vault, you apparently open it for free. You can pick your grenade back up, and then loot to your heart’s content.

‘But Dexerto,’ you might be thinking, why should we care about wasting a single grenade to get into the explosive hold?’ Well, later on in matches it might not matter as much, but it can be crucial in the early game.

Throwing away a grenade could be costly just after dropping in, especially if another team sees you heading into the armory to gear up. Yes, it’s just one grenade, but why give it up if you don’t actually have to?

We can be fairly certain that this wasn’t an intended design by Respawn. Call it a glitch, an exploit, or a bug, but it will probably be fixed by devs as soon as they’re able to.

So, while this exploit won’t be around forever, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of it while it’s still around. Just be sure to keep an eye out for enemy squads while you try to pull it off.